Wind Down with the Sounds of Samantha

Couple the beats of jazzy drums and a staccato piano with the vulnerable yet forceful voice of Samantha Mollen, and you get a sound that will relax you beyond belief.

Often compared to Portishead, Fiona Apple and Tori Amos, Mollen, a petite blonde hailing from Los Angeles, churns out lyrics and melodies that are the perfect pairing for a glass of wine or an evening with the one you love or lust. Hit songs off her debut album “Don’t Make me Sound it Out” build from beginning to end with the combination of catchy melodies and Mollen’s soft-spoken, sexy voice. She’s been called Emo, folk and acoustic, but the vocal powerhouse doesn’t define herself in any category except self-expression.

“I hope my music makes people think, reflect and inspire,” Mollen said. “There is such power in expression, so I aim to make mine intense.”

At 27-years-old, Mollen has been making her name in the music scene playing shows throughout California and releasing her songs on Myspace and Itunes. Two of her tracks from her EP, “Closer to You” and “Perfect World,” were featured on the CW hit show “Smallville” and a TV movie “Girl, Positive” on Lifetime Television. In January, fan favorite song “Perfect World” was again featured on another Lifetime Television film “Queen Sized.”

Another boost for the up-and-coming star is being recognized as a featured artist on more than 5 million Sandisk Sansa MP3 players released last month.

“I am humbled to be a part of the promotion, and feel it’s an innovative way to be heard,” she said.

When Mollen isn’t busy performing she’s sipping port and writing lyrics for her upcoming sophomore album. She’ll hit the studio to lay down tracks in May, and her LP is due out in the fall.

Samantha Mollen

Don’t Make Me Sound it Out

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“Closer to You” and “Perfect World”

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Because she’s cathartic, sexy and just what you’re looking for to unwind.