Upcoming Baker Library Services Research Information Sessions

Harvard offers a vast array of information resources online, on the Web and in print. However, sometimes it’s not clear how to find the information you need. These interactive sessions will head you in the right direction. Questions about these presentations? Please email

Bloomberg – Getting Started
(Representative from Bloomberg presenting)
Wed. 9/10 3pm and repeated 4pm,
location: Aldrich 208
A review of basic Bloomberg functions and content.

Bloomberg – Introduction to API
(using Excel)

(Representative from Bloomberg presenting)
Thurs. 9/25 3pm and repeated 4pm,
location: Aldrich 110
A review of Excel for bulk data gathering in Bloomberg. (Assumes some familiarity with Bloomberg.)

Leveraging Baker Resources to
Support Your Field Study Research

(Ann Cullen presenting)
Thurs. 10/2 3-4pm, location: Hawes 101 & repeated Wed. 10/8 3-4pm, location: Hawes 102
This session primarily supports the needs of EC students. Get practical information to assist with EC Field Study research, individual research, and course projects.
Will include coverage of resources for information on industries, companies, exploring research topics, finding data and identifying contacts.

Bloomberg – Equity Idea Generation
(Representative from Bloomberg presenting)
Wed. 10/8 3pm and repeated 4pm, location: Hawes 101
A review of performing equity analysis in Bloomberg.
Will included identifying stocks affecting the market, analyzing indexes worldwide and creating league tables.

Leveraging Baker Resources for your Job Search
(Meghan Dolan presenting)
Wed. 10/15 & repeated Tues. 10/21 3-4pm, location: Hawes 101
Come to this presentation to learn about resources available at Baker for doing career exploration research as well as interview preparation.

Leveraging Baker Resources for a Job Search in Finance
(Cynthia Churchwell presenting)
Thurs. 10/16 & repeated Mon. 10/20 3-4pm, location: Hawes 101
Learn about the resources available at Baker for doing career research and keeping up to date on the financial sector.ÿ
Will include where to find league tables, rankings and investment research.

Bloomberg – Fixed Income Idea
Generation Target

(Representative from Bloomberg presenting)
Thurs. 10/23 3pm and repeated 4pm, location: Hawes 101
A review on performing fixed income analysis in Bloomberg including information on hedging, swapping and yield curves.

Leveraging Baker Resources for a Job Search in Venture Capital and Private Equity
(Ann Cullen presenting)
Mon. 11/3 3-4pm, location: Hawes 101
A review of resources to help you with career research and keep you current on events in the private equity and venture capital sector.

September 29, 2008
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