The Hidden Cost of Bottled Water

Most Americans drink bottled water because it is healthy – and we all know about the environmental impact of adding all the bottles to landfills. However, there is another factor that most people don’t usually think about: shipping costs. We consume one billion bottles of water each week, and those bottles have to be shipped in trucks, trains, and boats.

And water is so heavy that an 18-wheeler can’t be fully loaded with water – they have to leave empty space.

Shipping impact, of course, is worst for imported waters, which travel thousands of miles. Half of the wholesale cost of Fiji water is transportation. And all of those ships & trucks are generating carbon emissions to get the water to you.

So next time you pick up a bottle of water, do what you can to minimize the carbon footprint. Instead of Evian from France, buy a domestic brand that has been shipped a shorter distance. Or once you buy a bottle, refill it once or twice before throwing it out. Or, the best solution: don’t buy the bottle at all, and instead drink tap water!