Ten Ways To Incorporate Community Values Into Your Daily Life

1. Seek out a person who you think might have been offended or taken aback by a case discussion and ask what they thought.
2. Speak up in class about a diversity issue lurking beneath the surface.
3. While walking to class, reflect on your day and consider if you embodied the values you most believe in.
4. Acknowledge the support staff at HBS. Say hello and ask how their day is going.
5. Invite someone along who isn’t always part of the group.
6. Write your real excuse for missing class, even if it’s unexcused.
7. Give a comment the benefit of the doubt.
8. Wait to pack up your things until the professor finishes class…even if they run over time.
9. Maintain the same standards of respect inside and outside the classroom.
10. Bite your tongue when section gossip escalates.