Reader Questions Harbus’ Presidential Poll

To Editor in Chief:

I am from Lebanon visiting Mass for treatment. By chance I read The Harbus Monday 27 Oct 2008. I was very surprised that HBS is backing Obama.

In Lebanon the palestinains Sunni Chiate also Hezballah Hamas Falah they all want Obama to win. Reason they Obama share that Arab and Muslim values. Obama learn Arabic and the Koran in Indonesia. Obama in the Whitehouse will be pro arab and anti-Israeli they say.

We Christians are very watchfull for the future. Very sad that it will be for us. I am taking the paper with me to show my friends in Lebanon. I am very outraged that your paper support Obama.

Best wishes
Eury Nonna

response from the editor

Dear Reader,

We are happy that you found the 27 October 2008 issue compelling enough to mail us a handwritten response. The Harbus always looks forward to opportunities to address specific questions from our readers regarding the issues we tackle in the paper.

Regarding the points raised in your letter, we’d like to clarify that Barack Obama is not a Muslim and even if he were, we believe that this is not relevant to his qualifications for the Presidency of the United States.

The Harbus did not endorse any particular presidential candidate this election cycle. The headline for the 10/27 issue (HBS Overwhelmingly for Obama) is the results of a poll conducted among HBS students online and not a reflection of any editorial bias of the paper for a particular candidate.

Thank you again for your patronage of our publication and we do hope that you and your friends back in Lebanon enjoy the Election Special issue of the Harbus.

The Harbus

November 17, 2008
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