RCs Engage in Service Competition

The RC volunteer coordinators have developed a new service competition. The strictly HBS competition measures the volunteer contributions of the RC students and RC sections.

The RC volunteer coordinators are proud to announce the launch of the HBS RC service competition. The program aims to demonstrate the altruistic efforts of RC students by highlighting individual volunteer contributions in addition to the collective efforts of sections. The competition will also bring attention to the objectives of organizations that are served by these student volunteer efforts.

“As HBS students we are constantly busy – studying, job searching, socializing. It’s hard to find time to volunteer,” explains Liz Head, HBS volunteer Club President. “The service competition is a great initiative – completely led by the RC Volunteer Coordinators – that will encourage students to make volunteering a priority in their lives while here at HBS and hopefully beyond.”

RC students are encouraged to share the level of their external volunteer efforts and to offer information regarding the organizations in which they volunteer. The RC section that has the most cumulative volunteer hours throughout the second semester will be recognized with the “Community Champion” award.

Separately, the section’s collective efforts will be ranked for participation with ongoing HBS initiatives (such as the classroom food drives and the charity auction). The section that has the best participation level with these ongoing events will be recognized with the “HBS Service” award.

The competition is part of an overall effort by the Volunteer Club to make community service a larger element of the HBS culture. Explains Head, “Community involvement is so rewarding, both to the individual volunteering and the charitable organization receiving his or her time and efforts. We have 1800+ students. if each only donated an hour or two of their time each month in the Allston/Cambridge areas, what a difference we could make.”

March 10, 2008
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