One Day in the Life of An RC/EC

A day in the life of an RC (Fall version)
7am:Wake up

8am: Learning team to discuss what you are going to be discussing in class with people who want to be home in bed almost as badly as you.

Day is off to a great start if you get along with your LT mates, otherwise, well, you will give it a week or two and quit

8:40am – 11:40am: RC classes with your section. You already know what 80% of your classmates are going to say before they even open their mouth.

You play BINGO, word of the day and other games aiming at distracting you from the boredom created by that predictability

Coetzee argues in his “diary of a bad year” that boredom has no place in the animal kingdom, that men invented it just because they could not focus. To Meditate

12pm: Long line for sushi in Spangler

1pm – 2:30pm: Last class of the day.

3pm: An MBA resume that works or Michael Dell or A day in the life of an associate at stuff & Co

5pm: Recruiting Event. Talk to tired professionals who value human capital
6pm: Section mate’s baby shower

8pm: Section drinks

10pm: Section mate’s birthday party

10pm: Section mate’s bachelor party

12pm: Start doing the numbers for the TOM’s case, get distracted by Facebook and curse under your breadth

A day in the life of an EC (Fall version)
7am: zzzzzzzzzzzzz

8am: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

8:40am – 11:40am
Oh rumor was so much fun last night

12:30pm: Breezy line for sushi in Spangler

1pm – 2:30pm: Afternoon nap

3pm: Field study seminar

5pm: Meet close friends to watch the latest Woody Allen movie in OWA

6:30pm: Plan trip to the DR

8pm: Dinner with same close friends at Small plates

10pm: Drinks at OM

11pm: Read introduction and conclusion of next day’s cases

12pm: Go home, have a glass of wine, go to bed