It's Never Been Better to Be an HBS Partner

With book clubs, sporting events, whale watching, donation drives and happy hours, it’s been a busy year for the HBS Partners’ Club.

And with an enthusiastic RC class, things are sure to get even better in 08-09.

Thanks to a top-notch leadership team and tons of participation, club co-presidents Leslie Gimbel and Rebecca Peet managed to reinvent the club by offering more social, philanthropy and children’s events this year.

“We have been so pleased with the excellent turn out from both the EC and RC classes this year,” Gimbel said. “We’ve had EC partners who admittedly didn’t come to events last year and are really enjoying the social programming this year. The club has grown in both participation and value.”

Instead of holding traditional happy hours, Social Chairs Sarah Ronsivalli, Jenn Nielsen and Katie Hardison have organized monthly themed socials including Wine & Cheese, Oktoberfest, and Love Potion happy hours, as well as the Boston Tree Lighting, Scotch and Cigar Night in the North End and the illustrious Langham Hotel Chocolate Bar.

“People have really gotten into the themes and it’s made these get-togethers more like an structured event rather than just meeting at a crowded bar for a drink,” Nielsen said. “It’s also been really exciting to see a lot of students attend our events with their partners. Offering so many events has enabled our members to interact more and form some lasting friendships.”

Partners have also gotten involved with the community through several donation drives supporting deployed U.S. Troops and needy families in Cambridge. Crimson Kids, the children’s group within the club, also held an art auction and donated proceeds to help with philanthropic causes.

“Aside from the fun we’ve had holding these events, the greatest reward is seeing how many people have made such great friendships over the year,” Gimbel said. “Everyone remembers the nervousness of Admit Weekend and the beginning of the thrilling, new adventure. It’s amazing to look back at how far we’ve come and know that our club has played a role in enhancing the HBS experience of so many.”