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Conversations occur at all times in all parts of campus. Perhaps you have heard some ridiculous conversations. I know I have.

Below is a brief conversation between two HBS women that took place in the Shad women’s locker room during an off-peak hour:

Girl 1: What are you doing this weekend?

Girl 2: Shopping for a Holidazzle dress. What about you?

Girl 1: You’re buying a new dress? I’m just wearing a dress I wore last year.

Girl 2: Really? You’re not worried that others will remember that you’ve worn it before? You know how HBS people are.

Girl 1: Yeah, maybe you’re right. Where are you planning on going to shop for a dress?

Girl 2: You know, the usual..Neiman’s, Nordstom’s, Bloomingdale’s.

Girl 1: Cool. Sounds good. I may join you. Hey, your boyfriend is coming to see you this weekend, right?

Girl 2: Ehh, yeah, I’m not too excited about it though.

Girl 1: Why? I thought things were going well for the two of you. How long have you been together?

Girl 2: Two and a half years! Way too long if you ask me. If I don’t see at least a 2-carat ring on my finger before the end of the year, it’s over!!

Girl 1: Hahaha! Are you serious?

Girl 2: It’s been too long and I don’t want to be wasting any more time.

Unfortunately, they left the locker room too early for me to hear the rest of their juicy conversation.

Perhaps next time, we’ll all think twice about what we say in public.


A few weeks ago, RC Sections did their flag raising ceremonies. In preparation for this event, a group of Americans got together and discussed that the American flag should be/either:

Larger than all the other flags
Raised higher that all the other flags
Be placed at the center of the classroom

Troubled by what he heard, a sectionmate in the room raised his hand and voiced his “concern.”

To this, a member of the group replied, “If it weren’t for our country, you wouldn’t even be here.”

Seem like someone’s visa is going to be revoked. and I’m not talking about the plastic card.


I’ve heard that it’s been tough trying to get a job in this economy. It’s been so hard that news has reached me that a guy who applied for 7 jobs got rejected 8 TIMES.

Apparently, a company he never even applied to called him up to tell him that due to the high number of qualified applicant, they would not be able to extend him a second round interview.

I’d like to ask JPK if companies that reject you even if you never applied get banned from campus recruiting for a few years as a penalty.


In has reach me through reliable sources that at least 10 HBS ladies have listed themselves in the Boston/Cambridge Personals at MSN.

Girls, if your HBS classcards haven’t done the trick, I doubt you’ll get anywhere with this attempt at earning your M.R.S. with your MBA.

We all love skydecks and look forward to them every Friday afternoon. It’s a nice way to end the week on a high note and get to know your sectionmates in a different light.

Taking the last point to new levels, a certain RC section apparently decided to make their skydecks a bit more daring by identifying who among their classmates have hooked-up!

A slide with everyone in the section was then flashed on the screens and one by one, faces would disappear until two guys and a woman were left. With baited breath, everyone waited to see which guy would disappear until. it was the woman’s face that vanished!

And hence, two RCs are now officially no longer welcome in the Red States.


Finally, with the Harvard endowment in the crapper and lucrative executive education enrollment taking a hit or being postponed, HBS needs to find an alternative source of income.

Here’s one suggestion: Audio-book version of cases. Imagine, running in the treadmill at Shad while “studying” with you Ipod. You don’t need a business plan to know that’ll be gangbusters.

And, if you’re wondering how exhibits will be done in this format, then you’re truly out-of-touch. Who has time to even look at exhibits these days unless they’re fashion related?

‘Till next time!
You know you love me,

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