F is for F-hilanthropy

Not letting the overwhelming time constraints of the RC year damper their spirits, Section F is working to stay involved in their community. On October 28th, 19 members of the new Section F spent an afternoon volunteering at the Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB). In addition, a core team of 10 is organizing a fundraiser for an F-founded charity focused on granting the dreams of patients with life threatening illnesses.

One can of peas. Sounds a bit lonely. a bit boring. it’s not even a meal. But a box of canned peas and other vegetables, along with fresh poultry and milk can help feed the hungry in our community. Aware of the growing needs among Massachusetts residents, new Section F, led by Volunteer Coordinator Emma Smith, took the initiative to help by volunteering at the Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB). Contributing to the happiness of others was our primary goal, but the end result was powerful for everyone.

On October 28th, 19 members of the new Section F spent an afternoon volunteering at the GBFB. The GBFB is the largest hunger-relief organization in New England, distributing roughly 30 million pounds of food and grocery products to over 600 hunger-relief agencies, from homeless shelters to day-care centers. Volunteers, like Section F, help to sort through donations from supermarkets and private donors like nicked cans that they deem unsellable and off-season products that customers no longer demand. As the boxes of assorted goods are sent down the line, volunteers separate categories of food so that the GBFB can send appropriate boxes to the agencies that need them – breakfast foods in one box, canned vegetables in another, and sweet snacks in a third and so on.

The time we spent together at the GBFB was enjoyable and the results of just these few hours of our time were astounding. The GBFB informed us after our shift that we had sorted a total of 7,885 pounds of food, ultimately providing 4,845 meals. As section President, Sloan Eddleston explained, “It was a blast…the place is run like a well-oiled machine, allowing a group of woefully unskilled volunteer workers like us to help feed thousands of families. Ultimately, I think we had as much fun getting down and dirty as we did grilling the unsuspecting operations manager with TOM-related questions. Hopefully we get invited back! I’m not too worried though.”

F-hilaphropy doesn’t stop there. Section F is diligently working to support an initiative started by section mate Julie Fulford called The Forgotten Dreams Foundation. The foundation aims to grant the dreams of individuals suffering from life threatening illnesses. Julie started the organization after watching her sister, Lauren, suffer from kidney failure and wishing that she could somehow provide Lauren a distraction from the constant daily treatment she was undergoing. The section is hoping to grant the dreams of other patients in the Boston area throughout this year and is holding its first fundraiser on November 22nd at the Boston Marriot Long Wharf headlined by former New England Patriots Offensive Lineman and 3-Time Super Bowl Champion Joe Andruzzi. The section is hoping that the HBS community will embrace this important mission and help us to generate financial support.

Much in the same way as the participants in the GBFB packaging derived as much pleasure from helping as those receiving the care, Julie herself has been sharing the joy from having others seize the cause for which she so strongly cares. Julie explained, “I’m very excited and honored that Section F has dedicated energy and time to the Forgotten Dreams Foundation.ÿ It takes special people with a lot of heart and passion to pull off a major fundraiser their first semester at HBS.ÿ This fundraiser is not only a chance for the section to bond and have fun, but it is also an opportunity to give back.ÿ There are thousands of adults who battle life-threatening illnesses on a daily basis.ÿ Providing these adults with moments of happiness by making their dreams come true has a powerful impact; one that can help them through rigorous treatments or simply add quality to their limited remaining time on this Earth.ÿ Section F is providing hope and joy for these life-threatened adults and ensuring that their dreams are not forgotten, while at the same time, receiving inspiration themselves.”

If Harbus readers are interested in joining Section F in volunteering or hearing more about the Forgotten Dreams Foundation, contact is encouraged: Julie
//forgottendreamsfoundation.org (jfulford@mba2010.hbs.edu or Emma – esmith@mba2010. hbs.edu.