Cashmere Mafia

Ferocious and unpredictable, sassy and ambitious, sexy and demanding, relentless and (let’s face it) not-really for everyone! No, we are not talking about HBS women, we are introducing you to the Cashmere Mafia!

The new winter filler show on ABC is a B-School cocktail of Sex and the City, Old Boys Club, Desperate Housewives and the Devil Wears Prada. Four women (now, why do all successful female sitcoms need four protagonists?) who have remained best friends since their B-School days are enjoying it all in Manhattan- size 0 bodies, poster boy boyfriends/husbands, corner offices, private secretaries, hundreds of designer bags, gorgeous kids, and chauffeur driven Mercedes SLK 500s.

Carrie Bradshaw in SATC did not have a permanent job or a swanky penthouse to her name. The women in Cashmere Mafia do. They don’t obsess over relationships all the time. Instead, they obsess over office politics, bureaucracy, promotions, blackberrys, B-School alumni, rival colleagues, year-end bumper bonuses and the hunt for the perfect real estate in New York.

Feeling sometimes like a Vogue parade, sometimes like a cat fight, sometimes like an intra-gender backstabbing contest, and most often like a showcase of high class self-generated misery; the show will make men cringe and reconsider their relationships with HBS women.

Will HBS women actually turn out like this post HBS? Who knows! We hope not and yet we hope so! Critics are ditching the show for not pretending to be deep and enriching, not attempting to eradicate world poverty and just being a ‘high end product placement’ franchise. Don’t let that deter you though – while the show may not make the cut at PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), it makes the cut for the self-confessed blackberry-addicted women at HBS and the add/drop geniuses who have successfully managed to evade the ‘Y’ schedule completely.

Cashmere Mafia is on at 10 pm every Wednesday on ABC. Alternatively, just log on to every Thursday and give it a try.