5 Winning Strategies to Uphold a Lasting Impression at Campus Presentations

Anxious about creating your competitive advantage and hungry for attention? Here are five strategies to be the center of attention at the next campus presentation.

Dear Reader,
Are you anxious about creating your competitive advantage amongst 1800 future leaders, each with unique talents and are you hungry for attention? Here five easy strategies, 100% guaranteed to make you the center of attention at any presentations. The bigger the event, the better the results!

Strategy #1. March of the Fearless
Step A
– Wait until 20 minutes into the event. You don’t want to be associated with the group that lacks discipline and trickles in late.

Step B – Fling open the front door, beam a smile at the speaker, and walk straight towards him/her.

Step C (Optional) – Greet the speaker with a causal but warm “how are you doing?”

Step D – Nod at someone in the audience (that’s what friends are for) then sit down.

Strategy #2. The coolest ring-tone
Step A
– Despite what the event organizer might say, make sure your phone is ON!

Step B – Wait until the speaker gets inspirational/teary/philosophical/starts to say something important.

Step C – Have your friend/mom/dog/ call you.

Strategy #3. The Master of Multi-tasking
Step A
– Find a spot in the front row. Location, location, location.

Step B – Arm yourself with whatever tools and gadgets that you can get your hands on.

Step C – Work on as many tasks as possible while occasionally glancing over at the speaker with a nod of approval. You may consider filling out a poll on a computer, answering an email with a blackberry, highlighting the case for tomorrow, and modifying your to-dos list on a notepad, or tailor this arrangement based on your personal style and sense of aesthetic.

Strategy #4. Words of Wisdom
Step A
– Look for a partner in crime, best to locate someone shorter/hairier/thinner/uglier so no one steals your spotlight.

Step B – Grab a seat where population density is high. This is especially effective with a cluster of attentive people, looking as if they were there to learn.

Step C – Carry on a conversation with your buddy, share weekend plans or gossip about interviews. The sweet spot for your volume is just loud enough such that others struggle to make out what the speaker is saying.

Strategy #5. Leave with a Bang!
Step A
– Get up at an opportune time (see Strategy 2, step B). You don’t want to wait too long and be one of those who sneak out shamelessly during Q&A.

Step B – Walk to the door with the loudest spring closer (ideally tested before the event), and give the door a little push on your way out.

Step C (Optional) – For added effect, leave something, come back to retrieve it then repeat step B.

Bear in mind that practice makes perfect, repetition is the key, and don’t think twice when choosing between personal gain and public detriment. And if you are reading this in the middle of an event, then congratulations my friend, you are a natural!

February 19, 2008
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