Why EC's Are Worthless

Last week, I received an email from an EC requesting MY precious RC time to discuss my prior employer for THEIR benefit. I quickly responded saying I would be happy to discuss my prior employer over phone, coffee or lunch. I never heard back. That same day, I found out that I had an exciting interview with a company and looked up an EC who had worked there. I kindly emailed her asking for a few minutes of her time. I received nothing. Why is it that there is no relationship between RC’s and EC’s? Oops, what I mean to say is why are EC’s so worthless?

My first formal interaction with the HBS Class of 2007 was a WSA buddy who emailed me days before school was to begin asking me if I needed advice. A little late, I admit but hey, she’s trying. She then promptly stood me up. My second interaction was getting hit on by an EC during the first few weeks of school; by the way, I politely turned him down. Since then, I have emailed countless EC’s regarding job opportunities and housing options with no return acknowledgement, no response, NADA. This really makes me wonder what the legacy of second and first year relationships has been at HBS or whether this is unique to last year’s EC’s? I don’t know how many polls I have filled out for EC independent study projects or questions I have quickly answered for THEM. I mean, I am older than most EC’s and have more work experience! The funny part is that the ONLY thing EC’s can offer us is the experience of their RC year – at minimum, they should be able to sympathize with us. Really, how hard is it to fill out a poll providing insight on EC classes? When I saw that the respondent rate for the Harbus’s annual EC course poll was 6%, I can’t tell you the utter disgust I felt for the Class of 2007! They barge into our classes in the first week of school, make fun of us in a lame skydeck, ask us to fill out their pointless polls and for OUR charity auction money and they won’t even fill out a five minute poll!

I remember myself last year and how excited and anxious I was about HBS. Class of 2008, I propose changing this trend as quickly as possible before 900 wide-eyed RC’s feel the same way about us! Think about it, 900 people that we can get to know, network with and for whom we can serve as resources. I have approached my senator about adding an “RC/EC Relationship” officer role to each section so that we can begin to make a difference in our experience at HBS and instill the same commitment and enthusiasm in the Class of 2009.

September 10, 2007
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