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1941: The HBS Armed Forces?

During World War II Harvard Business School had a role to play in mobilizing and training troops. On June 26, 1941, the Navy Supply Corps School opened, offering classes on disbursing, supply, and accounting, and providing temporary buildings for classroom space. Some of the schools including the Navy Supply Corps (shown here training) were made up of military men brought on campus. Other programs such as The Quartermaster ROTC unit gave HBS students military training. Several wartime schools also employed HBS faculty.

Tax Research and Preparation

Even some HBS MBAs have difficulty preparing their tax filings for April 15, so here are a couple of resources to help.

Those with a professional interest in tax legislation and policy should consider the CCH Tax Research database on the Baker website at Here you will find legislation, interpretation, cases and news concerning federal and state taxes.

For more general tax information, forms, and answers to common questions, we recommend going to the source: The Internal Revenue Service at BEWARE: This site should not be confused with the advertising site at //

The Morgan Sea Goddess

Morgan Hall, best known as headquarters of many HBS faculty, also is home to the sea goddess Tethys. She is memorialized in the spectacular Tethys Mosaic, the focal point of the building’s Central Court. Created around 350 A.D., the 20-by-23 foot mosaic originally lined the bottom of a shallow pool in a public bath in Antioch, an ancient city in the Roman Empire.

How did it arrive at HBS? The piece was originally intended to be installed at Harvard’s Fogg Museum in 1939, but was too large for the space. Its next home was at Harvard-affiliated Dumbarton Oaks in Washington D.C. in 1968, but was acquired by HBS in 1989. It was installed in 1992 as the centerpiece of a Morgan renovation.ÿ

Baker News
-The library now provides online access to the Economist website through the Harvard Libraries. The URL is

-The well regarded IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook is now available online from Baker at, but only from the HBS campus. The online version lets you screen for criteria used to rate the competitiveness of countries and create custom reports.

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