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1971: Gloria Steinem at Baker 100

Gloria Steinem stopped at HBS on a speaking tour to promote the new Women’s Liberation Movement. The September 30, 1971 issue of The HarBus News featured Steinem on the cover with the heading: “Superwoman speaks Friday.” BTW, women made up 4 percent of the MBA class that year; the class of 2008 is 35 percent female.

Capital IQ
What’s in it?

Data on public and private companies, investment firms, capital transactions, and people; sophisticated retrieval and personalization tools to create numerous reports.

Who has access?
HBS faculty, researchers, and students.

Where is it?
Access through the database page on Baker’s Web site, or at

Research example:
Find HBS alumni who are executives or board members at venture capital firms in California.

All databases are available to authorized users from the Baker Library Web Site.

Heavy Medal: Nobel Prize at HBS

Harvard Business School Professor Robert C. Merton and Myron S. Scholes received the Nobel award in 1997 for their pioneering work in collaboration with the late Fischer Black, in developing a formula for the valuation of stock options. The actual Nobel Prize in Economic Science that was awarded to Merton, a medal, is on exhibit in the de Gasp‚ Beaubien Reading Room, located on the first floor of Baker Library adjacent to the Historic Lobby. Also on view is the diploma that was awarded to Merton. Each recipient of the Nobel award receives a diploma with a unique watercolor painting designed specifically for that individual. -Laura Peimer

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