The India School Fund Needs You

The vision of ISF is so brilliant that when the “India treckers” of 2007-08 visited the education center, they decided to contribute. Thanks to Francesco Cefalu and Ankit Singhvi’s support, eight students gave a total of $650 immediately after their return on campus, and SABA gave an additional $5,000 for purchasing school materials and equipment such as desks, chairs and school uniforms. Thank you!!!
Although these donations help finance the opening of the school this year, they are not sufficient to cover the annual operation costs (estimated at

$25,000). Annie Bertrand, one of the co-founders and current President of ISF, asked for help from the RC sections to fund the remaining expenses through their charity auctions. Section F, H and I decided to join the coalition by selecting ISF as one of their lucky charities. Section C, E and G have not yet decided – Hopefully they will join the effort as well. this seed capital is essential to attracting venture philanthropic investors after the start of operations!! And if we want to start well, we need precious funds and support from our peers.

Beyond A-B-C & 1-2-3
The Fund will not only increase access to education and develop “soft skills” among the underprivileged youth, but also ensure access to basic health care, nutritious meals and clean water. This health program designed by the Harvard coalition at the School of Public Health (HSPH) will increase student attendance and concentration. Basic services will be provided free to decrease the opportunity costs of keeping both girls and boys in school, especially among the poorest families.

More than just a school.
ISF is not only about one school in rural India. The Fund aims at creating talent markets across clusters of schools designed to drive the local economy. The first education center in Rajugella will be utilized to teach children and train teachers of surrounding villages using the Teach for America model. College students from Delhi will be hired, trained and assigned to a school village under the supervision of the principal in charge of the whole “school cluster.” The teaching approach is based on an award-winning multi-grade methodology developed by Rishi Valley after 20 years of work in rural education in southern India. The teaching content is complemented with courses designed to provide an entrepreneurial mindset early in youth’s development. The objective is to see children evolve into entrepreneurs, employees or graduates of tertiary education, thereby moving forward on the ladder of development. The coalition at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) plays a key role in designing additional teaching material.

A grand vision.
ISF’s vision is to transform poor villages into economically self-sustaining rural communities where empowered citizens drive small and large enterprises to fill the needs for important products and services at the base of pyramid. ISF believes that if education is strategically designed and effectively delivered in rural areas, poverty will be eliminated.

We thank you all for your help and ask you to keep supporting ISF in the future! The fight against poverty rests on the awareness and action of all – especially us, MBA students who aspire to become leaders in the global economy.
To learn about ISF’s education system, to get involved or donate, visit the India School Fund (ISF) website at:, contact Annie Bertrand: or HBS Professor Stacey Childress, ISF Board member:

April 23, 2007
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