Students Welcome the Year of the Pig at the Lunar New Year Celebration

Williams Room, Spangler – On Thursday, February 22, a packed Williams Room of Harvard Business School students celebrated the Lunar New Year with traditional food, drinks, singing, dancing, and music by fellow students and local musicians. The purpose of the show was to allow fellow students to experience some of the Asian traditions that occur during the Lunar New Year. Jialei Tian (OB), Lei Lei (OE), Kenny Lee (OB), Min Seong (OC) and Edmund Kim (OE), with the help of RC Planning Committee leaders Christine Auh (ND), Jeremy Chua (NC) and Yen Ming Lai (NA), worked hard to put together the show as leaders within the Asia Business Club and Asian American Business Association. This work paid great dividends as the show was enjoyed by all those in attendance.

Though the production included Harvard undergrads and local talent from Boston, HBS performers stole the show. The first such performer was Jessica Pfeifer (OA) who sang a Chinese song. “Her Mandarin was much better than mine and she sang the song incredibly well,” stated Michael Chu (OF). Although Jessica did not oblige the crowd’s repeated requests for an encore, her performance really set the stage for the night.

The next group of talented HBS students consisted of Fay Chang (NI), Annie Yang (NI), Yanni Liu (NJ), Shirley Zhu (NI), and Lei Lei (OE). Dressed in colorful ethnic outfits, they performed a traditional Chinese Fan Dance. Eric Liaw (ND) remarked, “It was an incredibly graceful performance. The ladies did an outstanding job and I really enjoyed.”

However, the biggest hit of the evening was the duet of Joanne Leung (NA) and Wang Cheung (OD). Combined, they stole the hearts of admiring fans. Cindy Song (OF) and Michelle Liu (OF) expressed such strong feelings, “They were fantastic. I was riveted from beginning to end. Wang really is a rock star!”

Jialei Tian was very excited about the success of the show. “We’ve been planning this for several months. With Sankofa and Diwali, we felt that we too should have a chance to share our culture with the HBS community. Though it was the first time it was undertaken, I hope the RCs take it and run and improve on the show next year.”

The Asian Business Club and Asian American Business Association would like to thank The Boston Consulting Group and Temasek Holdings for sponsoring the event. Without their support, the clubs could not have brought their culture to the HBS community in such an impactful way.

March 12, 2007
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