Student Profile – Khary Barnes (NI)

What brought Khary Barnes (NI) to Harvard Business School? Born and raised in Queens, New York, Barnes was chosen to be part of a program called A Better Chance at 14 years old. The program gave the first-generation Caribbean-American the opportunity for a better education, but this meant leaving the sights and sounds of New York City and heading to rural Pennsylvania.

“I had never seen so many cows in my life,” he said. “It was quite different from New York City.” While attending boarding school, Barnes began to come into his own, developing leadership skills by getting involved in every school activity he could. A minority in a largely homogeneous school, Barnes quickly learned about diversity.

“Going away to school, somewhere rural, made me realize that not all parts of the country are the same,” 27-year-old Barnes said. “When I came back (to New York City) I saw things differently.” After finishing high school he went back to New York where he earned his BS in Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University breitling superocean replica. The boy who had left Queens in his teens went on to become president of his class at Cornell University. Because of the educational doors that had been opened throughout his life, Barnes knew he would one day give back to those who made it all possible. “I was lucky enough to be given these opportunities, therefore I had to give back,” he said.

And give back he did. Barnes joined the Alumni Committee of A Better Chance and began to give back through volunteer work. “As a volunteer for A Better Chance I’m a role model for others, and I’m making an impact on my community,” he said. “I want my little brother and his friends to have the same opportunities I did.”

Since arriving at HBS, Barnes has been amazed by his classmates Throughout the past 7 months, he’s laughed and learned from the conversations he’s shared in.

“I look around at my classmates and they all come from such different walks of life and have so much to teach,” he said. “It makes you realize why you’re here.”

Once at HBS, Barnes was ready for a new challenge. He brushed aside all the gentle, easy-going things, and went for Rugby. He has loved the experience, and feels that it has much of the same ideal as HBS. “I like to stretch myself,” he said. “In rugby there is such a sense of team unity. When we are out there on the pitch, we’re all we’ve got. All you have is your teammate.”

Once his time at HBS has come to an end, Barnes hopes to continue his career goals in private equity along with his community service. At the end of the day Barnes says the most important thing is not how much money you’ve made, it’s the impact you’ve had on other people. “It’s more than dollars and cents,” he said. “People often say when you look back at your life or read what’s written on your tombstone, what do you want it to say? I want mine to say Khary was a good father, a loving husband, Khary gave back to his community. The character of a man is not built with the deals he’s made but by the lives he’s changed.”

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