Southern Barbecue Delights at Redbones

In Davis Square, the one block radius surrounding Redbones is permeated with the enticing aroma of barbeque. The well-loved restaurant, which opened in 1987, serves a steady stream of diners seeking humble Southern food.

The Redbones menu contains the Southern specialties one might expect – pulled pork, BBQ beef, ribs, and cornbread. Redbones is known primarily for its ribs, and the menu boasts several varieties, including thick-cut, traditional, slo’ smoked and baby back. The ribs are delicious, but my personal favorite entrée is the BBQ pulled chicken. It is tender and has a smoky and mildly sweet flavor. For those on a budget, the sandwiches are also good, offering just the right ratio of sauce-to-meat. Apart from the entrees, the corn fritter appetizer is also excellent: Drizzled in maple syrup and fried on the outside, it makes for an indulgent pre-meal treat.

The upstairs dining room holds a nostalgic, rustic atmosphere, while the voodoo-themed basement holds a slightly edgier aura. Black ceilings and carpeting make the downstairs area particularly dark; however, the bold fluorescent murals add funk and help make this seating area fun.

The selection and quality of food at Redbones is the greatest draw of the restaurant. Reasonable prices also prompt diners to return. Sandwiches are as low as $6.49 and the appetizers are all under $8.00. Dinner entrees range from $7.99 to $17.99 and most of the portions are quite large.

On the weekends, Redbones grows particularly busy between 7:00PM and 8:00PM. Unfortunately, they do not take reservations. Although the wait to secure a table might be long, the food is certainly worth the wait. Since parking is limited in Davis Square, it is best to visit the restaurant by taking the Red Line metro to Davis Square, just two stops outbound from Harvard Square.
55 Chester Street in Somerville, MA, 02144
617 628 2200