Restaurant Review – Tu Y Yo

Boston Globe ranks Tu Y Yo one of the city’s most authentic restaurants-What it’s all about.

It’s very difficult as a native Mexican to find traditional, home-style Mexican cooking in New England. Most American restaurants offer burritos and nachos as authentic Mexican dishes, ignoring the homemade recipes that truly represent Mexico’s wide variety of regional cuisine. But at Tu Y Yo, it’s adios burritos, hola nopales!

Tu Y Yo’s menu is composed of family recipes spanning over 100 years. From homemade salsas to typical meat sauces, each dish is freshly made and 100% Mexican. The menu even lists the names of the family members who created them.

The best cuisine from each region is represented. From the Pacific Coast region of Oaxaca, Tu Y Yo serves chicken, coconut, and pork tamales wrapped and steamed in banana leaves. The Mayan culture from the southern state of Yucatan is represented by Cochinita Pibil, a shredded pork marinated in traditional Mayan sauce. For a taste of Tiaxcala, waiters recommend a chicken breast smothered in Mole Colorado, a spicy red sauce made with chocolate, almonds, peanuts, spices and peppers. More adventurous customers can sample the Mexican delicacy Tacos de Chapulines (golden tacos stuffed with grasshoppers and avocado sauce).

For a truly representative Mexican meal, try starting with a steak sope, which is deep fried corn flour dough, topped with beans, cheese, and onions. Follow the sope with Chile Relleno en Nogada, a Poblano pepper stuffed with ground beef, almonds, raisins, peaches and cheese, covered in a sweet creamy sauce with pomegranate and cilantro (pictured). Polish off this perfect meal with Flan a la Doris, a caramel custard with cinnamon cream sauce, and Cafe de Olla, the typical Mexican-style coffee.

Appetizers range in price from $4-13, entrees from $12-20, and desserts from $4-5. While tequila seekers will be disappointed by its absence, Tu Y Yo offers a wide range of Mexican beers and South American wines. For a real taste of Mexican beer other than Corona, try Bohemia or Negra Modelo, not typically found outside of Mexico.

Everything at Tu Y Yo is authentically Mexican. The decor, music, and waiters complement the tastes and smells of traditional Mexican cooking. To experience a small piece of sunny Mexico this winter, venture a few miles from HBS and see for yourself why the Boston Globe rated Tu Y Yo one of the city’s most authentic restaurants. Buen Provecho!

Tu Y Yo
858 Broadway
(Powderhouse Circle)

(Ample public parking is available.)

February 20, 2007
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