Restaurant Review – Anthony's Pier 4

A Great Place to Take Guests for a Taste of New England Food.

We all have the occasional guests who come to live our HBS experience for a couple of days. These guests range from parents to girlfriends to admits to friends, and sometimes even guests of honor such as our previous bosses (those who we owe so much after their great recommendations which helped us get into HBS). I have found that for these visitors to fully experience Boston they must try a good New England lunch with the traditional courses, such as Clam Chowder and Lobster. This is why this week’s review is dedicated to my personal recommendation on the ultimate guest taking restaurant in town Anthony’s Pier 4.

The restaurant’s charm begins with its setting and location. Located on Pier 4, the restaurant has a beautiful view of the ocean and boats entering the pier. This traditional English house will remind you of English times with very New England architecture. Once inside the restaurant, do wonder around to see the lobster pond which includes probably the largest lobsters I have ever seen, and plates which display daily fresh products.

The waitresses will enchant you with their English mom personalities as they make sure that you feel 100% at home. If you can be seated in Deborah’s section, she has incredible knowledge of the restaurant and provides extraordinary service.

I recommend beginning by either sharing a few appetizers from the raw bar (such as the New England Platter) or by trying the very famous New England Chowder. The restaurant’s recommendation is to start off with the Lobster Bisque, which the restaurant has served in three presidential inaugurations.

As for entr‚es, make sure you are very hungry as you will receive much more than you ask for. All entrees are accompanied by a salad and fluffy English style bread. I strongly recommend sticking to New England classics such as lobster or sea scallops.

Try to leave room for dessert as the famous Baked Alaska, an ice cream and meringue dessert which is lit on fire when presented, will definitely be worthwhile. Last but not least, do not leave without trying the Irish coffee. This drink will be prepared by your waitress at your table. She will combine the coffee and whisky and top it off with homemade cream! This will definitely be a great way to end the night.

Cheap friends beware that your tab will be pricey, although it is a very fare price for the extraordinary food and service. Dinner for two (two course and wine) will probably be about $100 USD. I do recommend making reservations in advance.

Anthony’s Pier 4
140 Northern Boulevard
Boston, MA 02210