Restaurant Review – Addis Red Sea Restaurant

Boston’s only authentic Ethiopian restaurant

Don’t let the lack of utensils fool you, dining at this exotic South End restaurant is both romantic and stylish. Addis Red Sea offers authentic Ethiopian fare, blending traditional recipes of the North African and Middle Eastern regions with unique Ethiopian spice mixtures. All dishes are homemade and served on a communal platter atop vibrantly colored, handmade woven tables, making this distinctive dining experience ideal for both dinner dates and dinner parties.

The Ethiopian custom of giving gursha plays up the exotic and romantic component of eating at Addis Red Sea. Gursha means “mouth full” and refers to a wad of food which one places in another’s mouth at the beginning of a meal as a gesture of affection. Spicy stews and entrees are served over an unleavened and spongy bread called injera, perfect for absorbing the peppery juices and carefully rolling with one’s hands.

Several of the appetizers and entrees may be unfamiliar to most restaurant goers, which is why the Ethiopian waitstaff recommend the combination plates. For $15-25 per couple, adventurous diners can sample two to four traditional meals. Customary selections include Doro Wot, tender chicken marinated in lemon sauteed with butter and stewed in a red pepper sauce, Lega Tibs, beef chunks seasoned with onions, green peppers, rosemary and black pepper, and Zenge, an exotic beef stew. Addis Red Sea also offers a wide selection of vegan dishes, varying in spiciness and ranging from $8-9. A small sample of Ethiopian wines and beer can complement the cuisine and are moderately priced, but for those less willing to abandon local favorites, Sam Adams is only $3.50 per bottle.

Weeknights may be the best time to check out Addis Red Sea. Parking along Tremont Street in this popular area of the South End is sparse, and there are several trendy restaurants that line the avenue. Fewer weekday customers also allow Addis Red Sea patrons to better view the cultural ornaments, statues, and paintings that adorn the walls. Regardless of which night you visit, the atmosphere will always be warm, friendly, and hospitable. So grab a few friends and discover the culture and charm of Boston’s only authentic Ethiopian restaurant.

Addis Red Sea
544 Tremont St.
Boston, MA. 02116
(617) 426-8727

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 5 to 11 P.M.
Saturday & Sunday: Noon to 11 P.M.

April 2, 2007
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