Our Centennial: The Student Celebration

The Student Centennial Committee has been working diligently to help create an environment that makes this year special for you. However it is not entirely about us, the sections, the SA, the student clubs, or even you alone, but rather what we can do to help the school think about the significance we can have when we see the value in each other and work together to unlock it for the benefit our community.

So what about us? The MBA Classes of 2008 and 2009

We are here at during the centennial year, a special moment in the history of the school-a moment that will only happen once. This coming year will be filled with opportunities to celebrate and reflect on what the school has achieved while looking forward to the community that we will help build as we enter the next century of the Harvard Business School. There will be many opportunities to get involved, and we hope that you will bring your perspective and energy to bear on those.
Subcommittee Chair – HBS Community Events: Ryan Buell: rbuell@ hbs.edu

The Centennial Student Itinerary

Centennial Speaker Series
A cornerstone of the Centennial celebrations will be The Centennial Speaker Series. We have reached out to the student clubs to assist in bringing key individuals to campus who would be willing to impart industry knowledge and also deeper insight about leading and excelling with integrity. These events will take place in intimate venues which will allow for student interaction. Please check the Centennial website and The Harbus (the first issue each month) to find out who will be helping us get into the Centennial spirit.
Subcommittee Chair – MBA Student Clubs: Michon Pinnix: mpinnix@mba2008.hbs.edu

Lessons to Learn
A critical element of the Centennial celebrations is to bring new and old sections together in a meaningful way. Thus, this year, we have asked the Alumni Representatives of each section to take on an expanded role. Each of the ten sections will bring in alumni from their section to share Lessons to Learn on an aspect of leading and excelling with integrity based on the following 4 components:

Authentic Leadership – October/November ’07
Entrepreneurial Leadership – December ’07
Prudence – January/February ’08
Effective Communication – March ’08

Alumni section speakers will be invited to join the wider HBS community for the April 8th, 2008 HBS Community Celebration. More details about this special day will be shared by your section Alumni Representatives in the near future.
Subcommittee Chair – MBA Sections: Jen Lee: jglee@mba2008.hbs.edu

Social Activities
With the help of the Student Association, you can be sure that there will be many exciting Centennial-related events on your social calendar this year.
First, Hollidazzle, will be transformed into the Centennial Ball. This holiday party is one of the only joint RC/EC social events, and you can be sure that it will be a memorable affair.

Second, we will have a virtual campus wide silent auction that will conclude on April 8th, 2008. All the proceeds will go to fund scholarships for students from the Allston Community.

Our Centennial: One Hundred Years of the Harvard Business School
Once the decision was made at Harvard to establish the business school, attention immediately focused on the matter of identifying talented students who demonstrated not only a commitment to excellence but also a willingness to lead with integrity. One hundred years later that story is much the same, and it remains the core of what the school looks for in the admissions process. We hope that the centennial holds meaning for you throughout this year and if you have suggestions or advice on how we might be more effective in our efforts, please do not hesitate to share your thought with the committee or submit a letter to us through The Harbus.
Student Centennial Committee Chair – Jonathan Lee Kelly: centennial@mba2008.hbs.edu