Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

I’m writing in response to the re-printing of the opinion article titled “A Partner’s View of HBS.”

This article was originally published April 20, 2006, a time in the school year when the Class of 2008 partners had eight months to come to their own, individual conclusions about life as a significant other at HBS. To reprint this article in the first paper of the school year, an issue that will be read by several incoming 2009 partners is extremely irresponsible.

By printing one disgruntled partner’s rant you’ve now intimidated several men and women who have just moved to a new place for the person they love, are trying to make friends and adjust to a stressful new schedule. Not only that, you have robbed them of their ability to place judgment and decide what’s fun and what’s not for themselves.

A nice trade off from this misrepresented article would have been allowing the incoming HBS Partner’s Club Presidents, who have been working hard all summer to make newcomers feel welcomed, a chance to write a welcome note like your own.

When my husband and I attended several admit weekends prior to coming to HBS, I had the opportunity to experience the vibe and structure of several other partners clubs throughout the top business schools. None of them even came close to comparing to the excellence that is the HBS Partner’s Club. Sure, this experience can be daunting, frustrating, annoying and a lot of other things mentioned in the rant, but it can also be a time of making life long friends and experiences.

In life, every situation is what you make of it, and to print something so negative is poor planning.

-Anonymous Reader/Partner 08

September 10, 2007
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