Leading and Serving the HBS Student Body

According to Alex Michael and Akram Zaman (SA Co-Presidents ’06), the key to leading the SA is very much similar to the key to maximizing one’s time at HBS: the ability to juggle and compartmentalize. Leading the SA requires the efficient ability to manage many different constituents – students, clubs, alumni, administrators, among others. In order to be effective, you need to be comfortable taking on a lot of tasks and then categorizing those activities so that you can focus on each appropriately.
The Co-President of the HBS Student Association must realize that they are nothing more than a servant to the student body. According to Les Williams (SA Co-President ’05), a successful leader must be accessible 24/7 because students’ concerns do not end once classes have ended. The class president must take pleasure in serving the student body: There will be sleepless nights, conference calls and endless meetings.
All SA Co-Presidents must be remembered for tirelessly serving the student body behind-the-scenes. The hard work of the SA Co-Presidents oftentimes goes easily unnoticed by the greater student body. According to HBS SA Co-Presidents for the Class of 2007, Justin Hu and Keith Melker, “Just as in any endeavor with which you pursue by your own volition, the position requires time, commitment and patience in dealing with a disparate group of people with differing interests.”
Barnes and Chacko fully understand the greatest challenges of HBS students. According to Chacko, HBS students must be able to balance opportunities, learn in a new environment, adjust to the discussion-base format where students learn from their peers. Khary attests, and adds that once students acclimate to the HBS environment, they must realize that their goals and value system might also be adjusted. They additionally understand the simple changes the must be made within the HBS community.
Due to the joint nature of the SA Presidential experience, Barnes and Chacko make a perfect complementary team to lead and serve the HBS student body. Although they hold similar objectives, they provide a multifaceted approach to issues due to their complementary values. Leading the HBS requires two Co-Presidents who are devoted to making their fellow students have the best possible experience. Many thanks to the HBS SA Co-Presidents for the Class of 2007, Justin Hu and Keith Melker…and please warmly welcome their successors, the SA Co-Presidents for the Class of 2008: Khary Barnes and Jacob Chacko.

April 23, 2007
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