HBS Treks Exploring the Exotic

HBS Treks are an integral part of the HBS Experience. There are many different types of treks. Both organizers and participants feel that the trek experience provides much value to their lives.

Whether it is traversing the high altitude peaks of Kilimanjaro and Machu Pichu, exploring the uninhabitable corners of Tierra del Fuego or Iceland, sailing the tranquil seas of the British Virgin Islands or the picturesque Dalmatian coast, HBS students say that Treks are as integral a part of the HBS experience as section retreats and cultural shows.

The school’s official definition of “Trek” is a student led program with a career focus. However, in the common vernacular the word is “Trek” is often used to describe both trips with and without a career focus. Some Treks like the Saudi Arabia Trek tend to be irregular based on the personal connections of the organizers whereas others like the Japan Trek and India Trek have become veritable institutions within HBS.

The mammoth task of organizing the logistics to shelter www.replicabestsale.co.uk, feed, entertain and educate the hundred people is taken on by student organizers. Treks usually are a part of an on campus organization such as the Caribbean Business Club (CBC) which organizes an annual trek to the Caribbean with 20-30 students from HBS. The club typically selects a Trek Committee which is in charge of managing all aspects of the Trek. One of the key challenges for organizers according to Damany Gibbs (OH) of CBC is “finding that right balance between the exotic, social and fun events and the practical business and career events.”

For the larger treks managing logistics of moving more than a hundred people becomes a key issue. Japan Trek Organizer Jun Fukuyoshi (OH) and the rest of the Japan Trek Team broke the participants into several smaller groups and instituted a zero-tolerance 5 minute wait policy to move people efficiently to the various sites and meetings. Whether the Trek is to Jamaica or Japan, Fukuyoshi summed up the sentiment of the Trek organizers by saying “When I started at HBS I had so much support from my section and friends. These 10 hours I spend every week in organizing the Trek and showing classmates some of the best of what we have in my country is my way of giving back.”

For the participants there are several reasons why Treks HBS TrekS Exploring the Exotic
while making extraordinary connections make sense. According to Kareem Akhtar (OG) who has been on over seven treks this past year “(The Trek) is a chance to see your classmates and friends in a completely different and laid back environment and to meet people you don’t normally meet in section.” Other Trekkers such as Liz Berman (OB) point to the convenience. “It’s true that treks are expensive tag heuer replica for sale , the hoops you need to jump (usually a series of lotteries, strict deposit deadlines, unclear itineraries) are bit cumbersome. At the same time, I know that I
have dedicated classmates taking care of all the organization and that I will have a great trip
without having to plan anything. I can’t beat that!”

People who have gone on Treks report that the experience is a positive one. “It’s the little
random things like hanging out on a 50th floor restaurant with a small group of friends that really stick with you,” reflected Akhtar, on his recent experiences during the Japan Trek. Berman believes that Treks are really an opportunity to take advantage of once in
a lifetime opportunities. “Before HBS breitling superocean replica, I had never seen a glacier in real life. On the (Patagonia) Trek we hiked up and around
the Perito Moreno Glacier – one of the last glaciers that are still growing.”

While Treks involve a lot of costs and planning, the rewards of new experiences and deep ties make them a key part of the student experience at HBS for the organizers and participants.