HBS Staff Team Claims IM Basketball Victory

Thursday night on Court 2, HBS Staff and OE played for the 2007 IM Championship.
In the first half, OE came out aggressively showing exactly why they were an undefeated team. At half-time OE maintained a 7-point lead. Knowing Staff’s strategy is to get the ball to Todd Mulder, OE doubled him on the block consistently. As a counter move, Staff placed Todd on the outside in an attempt to open things up for the other players.
Staff went on a run in the second half and never looked back, maintaining the lead by a deplorable tactic known as “taking the air out of the ball.” While admittedly not the most honorable tactic, it did give Staff the desired result: Staff’s first A-league Championship in many years.
Speaking about the victory, Tournament MVP Todd Mulder said, “I’ve been trying to do this since 1993.”
On the other side of the court, OE Captain Seth Blackley (a.k.a. “The Blur”) played an outstanding game and showed his customary exemplary sportsmanship. Despite their best afforts, however, OE’s outstanding season ended the way it had the previous year, at the hands of Staff.
Staff team members include: Todd Mulder (Restaurant Associates), Brian Henderson (OSS- Play Off MOP), Andrei Hagiu (Professor), Jim Naughton and Lucas Coffman (PHD candidates), Dave Anfeld (TSS), Travis Haglock (Restaurant Associates), Joe Maynard (Shad), Jeff Fear (Professor) and Capt. Ramone Sharpe (OSS).

April 23, 2007
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