HBS Rugby Sinks the Ironsides

After their triumphant weekend at Wharton, the HBS Rugby team squared off against a local side, The Boston Ironsides, last weekend. Staying mentally focused was key. The team had won every match of the year by a wide margin and the temptation to relax and play a sloppy game would certainly have crept into the mind’s of some teams. However, Harvard stayed focused as the felled the Ironsides 92 – 0.

The match was a professional contest between two upstanding teams. Both sides played clean and there was a lot of mutual respect. Harvard put up 52 points in the first half and held the Ironsides scoreless. The forwards clicked well, winning both Harvard balls and stealing the Ironside scrums. As usual, they rucked over the ball with reckless abandon. Brian Geary (OA) had two long breakaway tries, breaking through tacklers both times to coast the rest of the way. Allan Rowe (OD) used his exceptional strength and power to run through several arm tackles before sprinting past the Ironside backs and put one between the posts. During the ensuing kickoff return, Joel Hartel (NB) nearly took it back all the way, juking the pants off an Ironsides defender and running through several more. Joe Harrington (HLS) again showcased his speed, outrunning the backs for a bouncing ball kicked into the try zone. That makes three times this season Harrington has fallen on the ball in the try zone for a score.a new HBS Rugby record. The back line contributed equally to the lopsided win by exploiting gaps and making big runs. Mark De Ambrosis (OF) continued his strong play at scrum half by taking charge on the pitch and getting clean ball to the backs the entire match. The dynamic pairing of Atsushi Oshiba (OF) and Brendan Whitworth (OJ) ant ten and twelve opened up the inside lanes. Joe Kim (OA), who played his first rugby four weeks ago, started at fullback and had his first try on a 50-meter break away up the sideline. With Ironside’s backs hot on his heels, he put it into high gear and out ran his two pursuers. Team Co-Captain Liam Patrick (OC) took a perfect pass from Whitworth, brought it through a gap and past the fullback for another score. He added another by rounding the corner past the opposing wing later in the half.

In the second half, HBS made several substitutions and added another 40 points, showcasing the team’s depth. Brandon “Double B” Bentley (HBS ’03) , the heart of the team, was rewarded for his hard work, devotion and social prowess with a try, carrying a defender over the line. Jeff Miller (KSG ’08) added two tries, pounding the ball in to the try zone. Dan Richards (OD partner), continued trucking people, this time all the way into the try zone. Oshiba showed his usual quickness, exploding through a gap and sidestepping the fullback for a score. Patrick broke through try-line defense to touch the ball down down.

The HBS Rugby Team is looking for new players. The club practices and plays matches in both semesters and has annual tours to the Wharton School of Finance, Montreal, London and the MBA Rugby World Cup at Duke University. If you want to be a member of the most competitive sports team in the Harvard Graduate Community contact team Co-Captains Jeff Todd ( or Liam Patrick ( No previous rugby experience is required. First and second year students welcome.

The Harvard Business School Rugby Football Club would like to thank our sponsors: Anglo Irish Bank, McKesson, RR Donnelley Private Equity Services, Tommy Doyle’s Irish Pub an Newcastle Brown Ale.

October 22, 2007
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