Fantastic Four: the Rise of Social Celebrities

A month into the second year, Section F’s legend continues with the Trivia Mondays, No-regret Wednesday nights, Kash & Josh Thursdays, Football & Southern Food evening, the infamous Mark’s house party and upcoming section retreats. It is always said that HBS is a transformational experience. It is true. It has transformed the ninety-one individuals into one “F”antastic section.

People also say that HBS is stuffed with Type-A over-achievers. With the launch of grade disclosure, the classroom is no longer a risk-free environment. I heard these comments too often on paper, but seldom saw them in our section. While our peer sections still worrying about class participation, our lunch discussions opened up to racial issues at workplace, gender equality, and democracy etc.. Weekly Show & Tell laid out a stage for F’ers to share their personal experiences with the whole section: the places they grew up, the naughty stories in their childhood, their families, their beloved ones, their hobbies, and the causes they to which they are devoted. Show & Tell bridged the ninety-one F’ers into one common room – Aldrich 011. Sitting in my assigned seat in Aldrich 011, I can easily speak out the name on each seat; however, my memory becomes blunt in EC year, with the constantly changing faces and classrooms.

Section bonding is strengthened outside Aldrich 011. As mentioned above the three regular nights out, BBQs, Karaoke, bowling, retreats, hot tubs, and the section love. In last year’s HBS Show, OF had an enormous presence of ten, including the Executive Producer (Manish Dalmia), the Director (Kent Bennett), the Writer (Ira Noble), the Sound Director (Rytis Vitkauskas), the guitarist (Eric Giesecke), and another five members in the cast crew.

Weeks ago, Harbus announced Class of 2008 Social Honors with “no majority vote” from Section F. Though we feel unfairly represented, it is partially true. Because OF just has too many qualified nominees to be crowned. Now, we are announcing, with great pleasure, the Fantastic Four – Social Celebrities of OF.

Adam Prewett: co-chair, OF social rep. A never-missed-out figure in EVERY HBS social event. Organizer of the two phenomenal section retreats, unprofessional BBQ cook, and a charitable heart to auction himself off.

Catherine Oles: the other co-chair of OF social rep. The desperate Aringa Onamyfinga in the Phantom of Baker Library, organizer of memorable section retreats and spontaneous section gatherings, a frequent figure in most social events.

Kash & Josh: the one-of-a-kind Josh & Kash, the trademark of Section F Thursday nights and the contributor in charity auction. The two polarizing characters, may never be put together among hundreds of HBSers, came in Section F as deskmates and created the most valuable section social trademark ever.

Tom Gioia: the invisible hand behind “Kash & Josh” trademark, the initiator, agent, and organizer of K&J. A phenomenal actor in the end-of-term skit mimicking Prof. MacCormack and Prof. El-Hage. A charity enthusiast, also a former defender on Yale football team, auctioned off his fuzzy face with “H” logo on the day of Harvard-Yale football game, not to mention the many K&J stuff in section charity auction night.