Errata and Omissions

Due to a practical joke gone terribly awry, the Harbus regrets not publishing the following articles for the April Fool’s Edition:

– Classcards to add turn-ons, offs
– Clay to HBS: “The only thing you can’t disrupt is my tenure”
– Domino’s to offer next day delivery
– Coach Kim vs. Coach Light: A matter of heart, a battle of wills
– EC’s to RC’s: “We’re better than you”
– Point-CounterPoint: LaRouche vs. LaRouche
– Local boy’s wish comes true: RIAA grants permission to sing “Happy Birthday”
– New KFC ad campaign: “Tastes like chicken”
– Poll: Who did you give up on for Lent?
– Mr. Yuk enters 2008 presidential race as Green Party candidate
– Dodgeball Truth and Reconciliation Commission issues final report
– Alabama governor declares state of emergency: “The stars are falling!”
– Euro Trash Party promise: “50% trashier than Thursdays at RumoR”
– Florida to Ohio State: “We’re still better than you”
– Meteorologists predict warm, sunny April