ECs need to fill Harbus Course Guide Poll by Monday, April 30th!

Grade disclosure has changed everything. Example: never has there been more RC interest in a Harbus publication than the upcoming EC Course Guide. If I could charge RCs for each copy, my section would certainly win the charity auction.

So where do we stand? As of April 25, only 10% of ECs have filled out the Harbus course evaluation poll. SA Ventures has donated generously to back this project, as have the Finance Club and Club Latinoamericano. (Thank you!) Numerous emails have been sent to class officers and club presidents to solicit participation. In short, every EC should have received numerous email encouragements about this poll. And yet, we still stand at 10%. What will do the trick for your final-finishing, farewell-wishing, forward-looking ECs? A Spangler lunch stub? Or perhaps the old “do you remember how useful it was to you?” What will it take to inspire you to help out the next generation?

Listen here ECs, we’re only asking for five minutes. Five minutes to share your wisdom. It’s the best gift you could give the first class to march through grade disclosure. Because of grade disclosure, EC course evaluations are especially critical this year. Without your input, we will be much less likely to take that potentially risky class. We need your unfettered feedback on each course and professor, or else I can certainly imagine a world where we RCs take less risk. I can hear my classmates now: “Who needs a broader perspective?” Aspiring Baker-scholars will steer clear of classes requiring group-work (especially one where trading profits determine the grade). Everyone new to finance, well they’ll never do finance. You used to visit professor’s office hours for feedback on your business plan. We go to office hours armed with a spreadsheet listing the number and quality of comments we make in each class. There will be mass stampedes toward the fluffier subjects. Only you can guide us.

Grade disclosure was a big deal when it came out, but I ask you, who’s taking the pain? We are. ECs, help us weather grade disclosure without missing the truly great classes. In a school of leaders, we’re always fighting to have a little more collaboration. Here’s a perfect opportunity. So ECs, step up and show some HBS love to the RCs!

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Special Thanks to Clint Peterson (OD) and Michael Walsh (OJ) for leading the Harbus Course Guide initiative.

April 30, 2007
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