Don't You Want to Look Good?

HBS students are extremely busy. As RCs, we struggle through first semester FIN, trying to decide what DCF actually stands for while still having time to attend the Ibiza White Party. And as ECs, we are swamped with resume and cover letter preparation, not to mention endless weekend travel arrangements and plenty of RC pranks to plan. Despite the ridiculously fast-paced life that is considered the norm at HBS, some students have found a hidden gem in Shad known as fitness trainers.

Joe, Dana, Julie, Don, Erika, Yesner, Maureen and Christine make up the staff members of Shad Fitness Hall and help many students stay in shape during a hectic school year. Personally, I keep up with exercise because my overall outlook improves when I maintain a healthy lifestyle. My twice-weekly personal training sessions with Joe not only give me enough strength to rival G.I. Jane, but provide me with enough energy to balance classes, HBS activities and a sometimes active social life.

So before you complain about lack of time, money or motivation, here is why signing up for a Shad fitness expert tomorrow is an NPV positive decision:

1) Low cost: Trainers in the Boston area typically cost approximately $95 per hour and insist on hour-long sessions. Shad offers individual sessions at the low price of $50/hour and trainers are happy to meet for a half hour session or for a group session at the rate $30/pp for a single session, $168/pp for a six pack and $260/pp for a ten pack.

2) Expertise: Whereas trainers in local Boston gyms may or may not have degrees in a specific area related to fitness, all trainers at Shad have or are pursuing degrees in an area relevant to fitness such as exercise physiology or exercise science. These degrees allow the trainers to assess and individually prescribe training programs based on their knowledge and understanding of human anatomy and physiology. There is a lot more that goes into personal training then bicep curls and crunches!

3) Dedication: Want to meet at 6am? Joe might be free. Decide to participate in a triathlon? Erika will come to watch your race. Having utilized trainers in Boston for years, I am continually impressed by the passion for work that Shad trainers have towards their work and clients.
4) Vanity: While HBS may not have an RC “fifteen pound gain” tradition like college freshmen, the Spangler buffet may eventually make jeans too tight to wear to Rumor on Thursdays. Get into Shad to gain all of the benefits of looking and feeling better!