Class Day Committee Announces 2007 Student Speaker and Faculty Award Winners

The Class Day Committee is pleased to announce the 2007 Class Day Student Speaker and Faculty Award Winners.

Congratulations to Paul Hunyor – Class Day 2007 Student Speaker

Paul Hunyor (OA) has been selected as the student speaker for HBS Class Day 2007. Paul participated in the two-round competition earlier this month, delivering his speech to several EC students who volunteered to serve as judges. Speakers were judged on their speech content, presentation skills, style and creativity.

Paul is from Sydney, Australia and will be graduating this year with both an MBA from HBS and an MPA from the Kennedy School of Government. Paul also has a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Economics with First Class Honors from the University of Sydney. Prior to HBS, Paul spent 3 and a half years working as a consultant for Bain & Company in Sydney as well as in Seoul, London and San Francisco on assignment. After his first year at the Kennedy School, Paul spent the summer working with indigenous leaders in isolated aboriginal communities in the far north east of Australia on the Cape York Peninsula. Last summer, Paul helped Harvard graduates who had established a boutique management consulting firm in Germany (Solon Gmbh) establish their first overseas office in Budapest, Hungary. Paul is fluent in Hungarian.

Paul is no stranger to speaking in front of large audiences. In January 2001, he won the World Intervarsity Debating Championships held in Glasgow, Scotland. He was also awarded the prize for Best Speaker at the Championships and is the only person in the history of the competition to win both the Champion Team and Best Individual Speaker awards at the same world championships. Paul also established the famous HBS vs. KSG debate which has now become an annual tradition and one of the most popular events at the Kennedy School Forum. He has participated twice in this debate – once for KSG when he was a student there and last year for HBS.

After graduation, Paul will be returning to Australia to join Archer Capital, a local private equity fund. Paul is “keen to re-connect with the business and policy communities there in the hope that he can make a significant impact in both arenas in the longer term.”

“It’s an absolute honor and thrill to be selected,” Paul said after winning the student speaker competition. He is looking forward to the opportunity to thank his “amazing classmates” by sharing his reflections on the last couple of years with them.

Congratulations to the 2007 Faculty Award Winners

The Faculty Awards are an integral part of the Class Day tradition. This honor is bestowed upon faculty members who have made particularly exceptional contributions to the Class of 2007’s HBS experience.

The Class Day Committee is pleased to announce that the 2007 Faculty Award Winners are David Moss (BGIE) and Andre Perold (FIN1) for the RC year and Bharat Anand (Corporate Strategy) and Youngme Moon (Consumer Marketing) for the EC year.

The winners were selected on the basis of the greatest number of votes relative to the number of students enrolled in their classes. The Class of 2007 voted via online poll in April. The class was asked to apply the following six criteria when voting for faculty members:

Inspiration: transfers his or her passion for the subject matter to students

Knowledge Transfer: makes difficult course material accessible to all students through clear explanations and demonstrated relevance

Accessibility: available to students outside the classroom on a personal and professional basis

Career Guidance: helps to identify industry contacts and evaluate potential career options

Quality of Life: helps to improve the quality of life on campus

Feedback: provides feedback that contributes to professional and personal development

Congratulations to this year’s Faculty Award winners!

If you have any additional questions regarding Class Day or Graduation Week, please feel free to contact any of the Class Day Committee members or send an e-mail to

Class Day Committee Chairs: Kate Lavin (OJ) and Tracy Mathews (OI)

Class Day Committee Members: Owen Patrick (OB), William Shimer (OE), Annie Bercovich (NJ), Nadia Johnson (NH), Hunter Pierson (NB), Michon Pinnix (NA) and Kelly Diamond, Associate Director of Student and Academic Services

April 30, 2007
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