Blades of Glory

Jimmy (Actor Jon Heder) is Chazz Michale Michaels’ competition and opposite. As an orphan, Jimmy portrays incredible potential, and is discovered by Darren MacElroy (Actor William Fiehtner), a millionaire who decides to make his next fortune by adopting kids that have to potential to be athletic “cash cows”. Jimmy is Michael Michaels opposite who dances to songs by Sarah Brightman, has a flare for glitter, and loves peacocks.

The two skaters are fierce competitors in the men’s single skating. However, their feud leads to their band from the men’s singles. They must then unite to compete in pairs, and find themselves skating against Stranz (Actor Will Arnett) and Photo:

Fairchiled Van Waldenberg (Actress Amy Poehler), a brother-sister team. The Fairchilds are willing to win at any cost, making their assistant/sister Katie (Actress Jenna Fischer) do some of the dirty work. This is further complicated by Katie’s love for Jimmy.

Ferrell plays his typical character, causing the film to lack originality; however, his acting talent is so strong that he brings great humor to the movie. Heder is funny, and while Jimmy is eccentric in different ways than Napoleon, both characters are pass‚. Actor Luke Wilson makes a fun cameo appearance, where he plays the therapist at a group meeting for sex addicts.

According to, Blades “debuted as the No. 1 movie with $33 million in ticket sales.” On a scale of zero to ten, the movie would be rated a seven. Between the previews and the quoted lines from your friends, you may not need to actually see the movie. However, it is apparently one of the best movies currently at the box office.

May 7, 2007
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