Asia Business Club Welcomes RCs

“I’m interested in finding out more about pursuing a career in Asia – is this the club for me?”.”How can I get involved in organizing the Asia Business Conference?…”Do you know anyone I can practice my Mandarin with?”.”Great Food!”
These were just some of the comments overheard from among the more than 100 HBS students who attended the Asia Business Club’s (ABC) Annual RC Welcome Event this past Monday, September 10 in the OWA Common Room.

With a good mix of enthusiastic RCs and ECs on hand, the welcome event provided one of the first opportunities for incoming students who share a common interest in working and living in Asia to meet each another and learn more about the ABC. Following a brief overview of events that the ABC plans to undertake, including the keynote Asia Business Conference which attracted over 1,000 participants last year, the attendees were treated to a sumptuous Chinese dinner and traditional Moon Cakes that are typically eaten during this time of year in Asian countries.

The diversity of the students who attended the event was truly amazing. Indeed, there were a large number of international students representing nearly every country in East Asia. From a student of Indian descent who grew up in Indonesia and worked in Beijing to a South Dakotan who worked in Hong Kong and was nearly fluent in Cantonese, it was clear that there is a strong interest among incoming RCs in learning more about opportunities in Asia.

The ABC is currently in the process of kicking off its conference planning sessions to recruit RCs for Conference Panel Leader positions for the Asia Business Conference next spring. In addition, the various committees within the ABC, such as the Career, Speaker and Social teams, also outlined their plans for the coming year. For example, the Career Team plans to roll out an “EC buddy system” as well as various career panel discussions in order for RCs to benefit from the experience of ECs who have worked in Asia.

With a total membership of over 200 students, the ABC is one of the largest student organizations on campus and its mission statement is to provide the HBS community with a convenient channel to share ideas and knowledge about Asia as well as to foster long-term relationships among its members, HBS alumni and Asian business leaders.

For more information on the club please visit our website at // and feel free to contact any of our officers with any questions you may have.