Announcing, The Harbus Class of 2008 SOCIAL HONORS

The Harbus salutes students who have made significant strides in organizing social events which have provided cohesion among students beyond the classroom and enhanced the HBS quality of life during RC year.

Recent articles on The Harbus have highlighted the difficulty in transitioning to HBS replica watches uk. In fact, we have gone to some length telling you this could be a very depressing environment for students and partners.

The Class of 2008 is the first to march through grade disclosure and involvement in student activities has never been lower. The fact that several of us try to get together every week (and some squeezing in a few more nights mid-week) takes courage, and it certainly takes leadership to organize events when fellow students have so many competing priorities.
We at the Harbus still believe that HBS is a really fun place. In fact classmates have emerged to provide opportunities for students to bond outside the classroom, they’ve helped us review classes and prepare for interviews. Most importantly, they’ve helped us have a great time and we’ll remain grateful for the times we almost cried with laughter.

It’s with this in mind that the Harbus has introduced a special recognition for students who have made a difference to classmates’ well being on campus. With great pleasure we announce the awardees for The Harbus Class of 2008 Social Honors.

To all Nominees, We Thank you for helping all of us call this place home and making our RC year a truly unforgettable experience.

First Place: Jon Venuto, Founder of “Poker nights.” Received the Most Number of Votes Outside his Section. His gatherings have been so fun and numerous that some students have tried to pay their way in to be affiliated members of Section G. Jon has consistently hosted after-parties and makes extra effort to ensure that every sectionmate is included in events.

Second Place: Section B has some talent.and it’s quite difficult to break the tie.

Gilbert Tang, for his E-vite blasts and throwing RC parties even before SA or Social reps organized anything

Sandeep Chivukula replica breitling, Master Creator of “108 Nights” and just downright one of the nicest guys on campus

Third Place – Shad Ahmed, Kartik Shah, Kelly Starman have truly created the most cohesive section, and the uncontestable “Best Section Social Chairs”

Honorable Mention:
Doug Mooney (OG) Best Section President. “Doug infused the section with energy and spirit, always motivated people to get involved in social events”

Nate D’Anna (OC), “Captain of All Skydecks,” Scotch Club President and Creator of the Moustache Contest

Nikolai Von Loeper (OJ), for organizing trips and throwing parties extraordinaire

Sid D’Souza (OI), this guy knows everyone

Special Nominees by Section:
OA: -no majority votes-
OB: Leah Trabich & Linda Soo – Fabulous Section B Social Reps
OC: Mark “Flip Cup” Phanitsiri, Benton Williams, Meredith Messer
OD: Nima “always at the scene” Pourishab, for sending reminders about all international parties
OE: Allan Gubbins, DJ at every party
OF: -no majority votes-
OG: Jon Venuto & Shane Rahmani
OH: Trisha Coad (Auto Club & Holidazzle organizer, WSA co-chair), Claire Farley (best skydeck and outstanding Ed Rep), Rohit Sahni for helping classmates prep for interviews
OI: Sina Azeri, Fay Chang for Charity & Volunteer activities
OJ: Shad Ahmed, Kartik Shah, Kelly Starman

Award for Best Treks
Sina Azeri (OI) and Serhat Oztop (OC) for Turkey Trek
Sarah Tudryn (OI) for New Orleans Trek
Carlos Jaramillo and Camilla Escobar for Colombia Section G Spring Break
Satoshi Fukui (OI) and Shin Takamiya (OC) for Japan Trek