A Note from the Editor-in-Chief

From the Harbus, welcome to the irrepressible Class of 2009 and the new lords of the manor, the Class of 2008. We have just a few precious moments to create and cement the ties that bind this improbable student body. Then, less than two years from now, we will all be rejoined in the real world-enmeshed in vacillating markets, navigating serpentine corporate politics, and leaving our footprint on the world-with those ever-present bonds to sustain us.

We have dedicated this issue to the RC class. We have scoured the last few issues of the paper to find articles that have meaningful advice within them. You will find an article on the challenges of being a mom and a student. There is a controversial (and admittedly overdone) article that provokes thought on the treatment of HBS partners. We are given perspective by one of the most popular members of the faculty, Rob Kaplan, and our resident and ever-pontificating sage, Jonathon Kelly. We hope that this issue will contain a few points of wisdom that will help you thrive at this great institution.

The Harbus is going to work hard to serve the Harbus community this year. We are dedicated to a Harbus that is more relevant, readable and opinionated. The Harbus will continue to be a place where the HBS community can come to find out about itself; a place that features articles on trips, treks, shows, sports and major life events.

We are also trying to remake the paper into one that is more attuned to issues that students care about. We began this journey with our coverage of last year’s Burden Auditorium policy changes and will continue to inform the community about the issues that shape this environment. We humbly seek to do so while being transparent, moderating any reflexive anti-Administration bias, and taking clear and justified stands.

In meeting this mission we must rely upon the contributions of the HBS community, principally its students. We don’t have any paid reporters. Instead, every member of the community is fully empowered to write. If you see something of note, pick up the pen and jot it down. The paper is simply a megaphone for your voice. We need RCs who want to be a part of this effort.

Not only is The Harbus a student megaphone, we also seek to run a “profitable” nonprofit that can contribute in meaningful ways. The Harbus News Corporation created the Harbus Foundation with a $700,000-seed grant, and has continued to make timely contributions to the Foundation, including $70,000 last year. The better we are run, the bigger the impact that is made. The Foundation has awarded over $800,000 in grants to 40 organizations that pursue initiatives related to education, literacy or journalism.

This effort promotes HBS student involvement in social enterprise (it is entirely student run) and tangibly impacts the Boston community. Go to to learn more.

I also want to recognize our diligent and all-important editorial team:

-Managing Editor, angelic and dedicated Karen Singson.

-Publisher, fabulous Aastha Gurbax.

-Viewpoints Editors, with caustic wit and raw intelligence to spare, Neil Mahapatra (who is also our illustrious Chairman) and Alex Godden.

-News Editor, faithful and perspicacious Ann Lucas.

-Arts and Entertainment Editor, prolific and vivacious Brenda Vongova.

-Sports Editor, cool Carter Gaffney, GO RUGBY!

Until Next Time,

David Rawlinson (OD)

September 4, 2007
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