A Day in the Life of an RC, A Day in the Life of an EC

“I read the news today, oh boy, about a lucky man who made the grade.”
-The Beatles

7:00 AM
The alarm clock rings. A small desire to push snooze button is denied by the sheer will to study. Teeth brushed and flossed, cases neatly pressed. It’s go time. Look out, HBS!

EC: As the drool pool brushes against the cheek and pillow, it leaves a sandy white stain. The sun has risen, but I certainly have not. Snooze button hit, covers lifted over face.

8:00 AM
Rush to weekly reserved Spangler study room to meet with Learning Team 96. Lara was amazing today! What deep insights! Who knew her ZOPA was so enormous! I am so glad I missed another fun party last night. I would have missed the best part of today!

EC: Alarm clock unplugged. I am so glad I hit up another fun party last night. I would have missed the best part of today. Sunlight peeks through the blinds, a smile pasted on my face, I drift peacefully into the sunny warm depths of golden slumbers.

8:40 AM
Class time! I believe Tony Robbins when he tells me to start the day with a ‘YESSSSS!’ Besides, grade disclosure rules! I am so much more attentive in class and, sure, maybe a little more cutthroat towards my sectionmates, but it’s going to make me more successful and accountable in the real world one day. I’ve got your technical question right here: “What’s my name?” That’s right. Feel it.

EC: Shuffle out of bed and muster strength to check email. Let’s see. What do we have today:
[SPAM – Improve your sex drive][Aditya Has Added You As A Friend On Facebook.com!][VCPE Conference Executive Selection – Now Open][Super Quick Poll for my Field Study. Seriously. Really Quick.][SPAM – Great Investment advice][MBA Daily Event Calendar][Job Bank Has Returned 0 matches][Alvin Mok wants you to buy a Fleece!]

Delete a few messages, read the newspaper online and toss an Eggo in the toaster. Read only the first and last page of the case for upcoming 10:05 class.

10:00 AM
Get pegged with the opening cold call in BGIE. Referring to study notes prepared last night, I discuss how I smell hyperinflation in Bolivia. My classmates listen in attentive silence as I shuffle through Exhibits 15-18. I jump back in for a game-changing comment with 10 minutes to go, broadening the discussion with my question “What parallels can we draw between Bolivia and the USA today?”

EC: As always, the professor doesn’t cold call anybody, choosing instead to ask a warm, open-ended lob. “What was the situation at the time of the case?” A couple hands go up. Someone sneezes. A cell phone rings. Then, silence.

11:40 AM
After snagging and scarfing a quick pre-packaged sandwich, the race is on to Shad. Everybody there knows I want a locker in the low 500s. I need a locker in the low 500s. I grab it and race to get the back right elliptical by the window. Read an Entrepreneurial Manager case for tomorrow while listening to Beyonce (To the left, to the left.) and burning 300 calories. Combo! I have to email my TOM professor. She’d be so proud of my utilization!

EC: Well, I’m done for the week. No Y schedule classes to speak of. It’s just me and my field studies for five sweet days. Grab lunch with a couple section mates and a rogue acquaintance and then go home to take a nap. Dear bed, how did I ever leave you? I won’t ever let it happen again.

1:10 PM
Only one more class today?! I wish we had 3 classes every day. I always find myself wandering aimlessly without the structure of section. Oh well. I get in twice in FIN2-first, with a case fact, and then again with another great case fact later on. I regret that I didn’t drop a game-changing comment bomb, but hey, nothing wrong with chipshotting my way through a class here and there. On another note, I wonder if I have a memorable face. Will the professor remember my face when he does class participation? Is my face memorable? I like that word. Face.

EC: Drool pool brushes cheek and pillow, leaving a sandy white stain. Covers lifted over face.

2:30 PM
Pit dive! Time to make sure my face is memorable. I point at the numbers on the board, scrunch my eyebrows, and look for clarification. After that, it’s off to Baker for tomorrow’s cases.

EC: Awoken by a cell phone ringing. Miss the call anyway. I wonder if I should go to the gym? Ah, but it’s so far away. And isn’t it raining? It could be raining. There’s a chance it’s raining right now. I’ll go tomorrow. Right now I need to see who’s updated their Facebook profile and post some pictures from last night’s party. Reminder: Someone has to take Merafe’s camera away from her.

4:00 PM
It was hard to leave Baker, but I really wanted to go to a seminar in Aldrich. Choosing between the Toys R Us CFO’s speech on “SarBox + Toys = Financial Fun” and the EC panel on jobs in the racquet sports industry was too tough, so I go to half of each one.

EC: Loiter on the Spangler couches and visit some section mates. Man, friends for life. I forget what we were talking about, but I could not stop laughing. Anyway, I resolve to go to Shad and feel better about myself on my way there. What do they mean when they ask me “Do I have a locker preference?” No, I just want a locker, people. Anyway, after ten minutes on the rowing machine and a meditative half hour in the steam room, I’m all set. Hey calories, just try sticking to this torso! No spare tire here! Well, maybe a little guy.

5:30 PM
A slice is nice! At least, that’s what the box in the Grille says. I grab a pepperoni and head back to my apartment to get dressed up and ready for my recruiting dinner. I like to eat beforehand so my stomach doesn’t grumble.

EC: Text-message a few people. Get text messages back. Text message them back again. Get more text messages back. Text them about how much they text. Get texts back inviting me out for dinner and drinks. I feel I deserve a night out after a workout. Go back to get changed (I look good) and pre-game at my place with a Budweiser and some Bon Jovi.

7:00 PM
Make lots of small talk, laugh a lot, and think, think, think about how I’m coming across. Be careful not to order anything messy. Watch to see if the recruiter puts a napkin on her lap before I put a napkin on my lap. Smile! Gotta keep smiling. Go to the bathroom to make sure there’s no food in my teeth. There is. Spinach. Dammit! Should have brought my floss.

EC: Head into the square and grab a burger and a beer at Daedalus. Talk about where everybody’s going to be next year, share anecdotes about funny stuff people said in class. We’ll all be great.

10:00 PM
Prepare write-ups for all cases tomorrow. Send emails to a number of companies. Make an appointment for a Career Coach. Should I go to that after-party tonight? Maybe if I get my work done…we’ll see…

EC: Check out how much it would cost to go to Vegas this weekend.

12:00 AM
Decide I’ll stay in-I mean, there will be other times to have fun and forge lifelong bonds. Set alarm clock for 7:00 AM. Tomorrow’s going to be a very busy day.

EC: I guess I am throwing an after party tonight. Maybe I can watch a movie tomorrow. I love HBS.

Check in next week for The Americanadian #4 as Anthony and Neil examine something which they haven’t thought of yet in time for this article’s deadline. They promise it is going to be amazing.