25 reasons I'll miss the RC year…

1. Knowing I don’t have to think about where to sit (far too much effort at 8.40am before the first coffee of the day).
2. Hot TEM case protagonists (I guarantee I’m not the only girl to think this).
3. Hilariously insane TEM case protagonists.
4. Section in-jokes.
5. Daily section love.
6. Sitting next to the same people every day.
7. Seeing the same people in the line in the bathroom every day.
8. Bumping into the same people in the line in Spangler every day.
9. Knowing that everyone has the same cases, and so making jokes about them in the line at Spangler will make sense.
10. Knowing that everybody else has a 3-case day tomorrow, and so is stuck with just as much work.
11. Knowing that everybody else has 2-case days the day after, and so tomorrow is a really good night to throw a party.
12. Looking forward to another year of not having a real job.
13. Having to admit to being a geek and liking finance, rather than being able to pretend I’m only taking it because it’s compulsory.
14. Being able to not take recruiting events too seriously, as it’s ‘only for the summer’
15. Not being bored of Tommy Doyle’s or Daedalus yet.
16. Being able to spend most of section events discussing funny things that happened in class.
17. Skydecks.
18. Being able to go to parties with ECs (who appear sophisticated and urbane) instead of RCs (who will seem very immature and dumb to us next year).
19. Learning team projects.
20. Buying tickets to Hollidazzle and Newport with wide-eyed naivet‚.
21. Spending Friday morning spotting who in section went to Rumor the night before.
22. Spending Monday morning guessing who missed the flight back from their weekend away, and who just had a really heavy weekend.
23. Not being scared I’ll lose my nametag if I have to carry it around with me all day.
24. Knowing that all I have to do is turn up to Aldrich 007 and I’ll be in the right place, even if I can’t remember which class I have.
25. Section J.

…and 25 reasons I’m looking forward to being an EC

1. Appearing sophisticated and mature to all the RCs (in my head, at least).
2. Being able to talk knowledgably to impressionable RCs and impart all my wordly wisdom about the RC year.
3. 900 new people I hardly know to add to my network on Facebook (why did I ever sign up to it?).
4. Another two semesters of taking Spangler sushi for granted.
5. Another two semesters of unlimited access to free squash courts at Shad – the only reason I ever get any exercise.
6. Not living in dorms any more.
7. Having conversations with people from my section about something other than the dumb things people said in class.
8. Having class with people from outside my section.
9. 10.05am classes.
10. X-schedule classes.
11. Days off Field Studies and Individual Research Projects.
12. Being able to choose to take classes I’m interested in.
13. Add/Drop (for when I realise the classes I thought I was interested in are actually boring).
14. Finding out exactly what the difference between ‘Corporate Financial Management’ and ‘Functional and Strategic Finance’ is.
15. Starting every single conversation for the whole of September with the words ‘What did you do over the summer?’ instead of ‘What did you do before HBS?’.
16. Laughing at new RCs doing silly team-building exercises.
17. Laughing at the class of 2009 doing their first Scorpion bowls in the Kong, and watching them find out first-hand why no-one drinks them past orientation week.
18. Taking courses across the river and irritating the KSG students by living up to as many HBS stereotypes as I can.
19. Better weather than this year (OK, I’m only hoping).
20. Another European Club Ibiza White Party.
21. Another ski season.
22. Another Spring Break.
23. A chance to go on all the Treks that sounded fun last year.
24. Spending the entire second half of the Winter semester going to ‘last chance’ parties.
25. Section J.