Une Fˆte Fran‡aise: Thoma et Lolo Wedding Recap

Over the holiday, a dozen HBS friends congregated in an old chapel in the center of Paris. The occasion? A celebration of epic proportion to christen the marriage of two of the campus community’s most distinguished luminaries: Monsieur et Madame Thomas and Laurence Lefebvre.

Even by the out-sized expectations the HBS community has grown accustomed to, the wedding setting was a bit surreal. Start with the chapel. Seventeenth century Chapelle du Val de Grƒce (built by Louis XIV), is a notable Parisian landmark in its own right, and is rarely opened to the public except for Sunday Mass. On this day, however, the church was filled with family & friends from Paris and Champagne, prep-school classmates from Scotland, workmates from London, military brothers, even a healthy crowd of international tourists, thronged outside desperate to see what the commotion was about.

After a beautiful ceremony led by Father Patrick Langue sj, accompanied by music composer and choir director Fran‡ois Polg r, wedding guests were whisked away to an opulent reception set in magical Normandy. Arriving of empty stomach and thirsty tongue, Thom et Lolo’s guests were not disappointed.
The family champagne, award-wining Billecart-Salmon, was light, tasty, and delectable. “Drink to your heart’s content tonight,” commented the groom’s mother, adding, “You won’t feel a thing tomorrow, I promise.” After several glasses guests enjoyed the foie gras (panned and caramelized), fresh oysters, and an assortment of rare cheeses and meats. The main course, filets de cannette en gastrique, was poetry of the plate and left few hungry.

After the formal dinner, the crowd erupted into a drinking, dancing, singing sea of revelry. Festivities concluded at 5:00 a.m. with the head chef’s crŠme br–l‚e encore, just as the sun was coming up. Giddy, exhausted and more than a bit tipsy, few could remember a better celebration.

The Families

Christian, Brigitte, Geoffroy, Anne,
Agathe, Pauline, Hadrien, Axelle,

Thierry, Marie-Claire, H‚lŠne,

January 30, 2006
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