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1946: Fatigue Laboratory
In 1930, the “Fatigue Laboratory” was created in the basement of the Business School’s Morgan Hall under the direction of Harvard Professor Dr. Lawrence J. Henderson. Experiments were conducted on Business School student volunteers and others to study the human body’s ability to adapt and acclimatize to extreme environmental conditions, such as heat, cold, and high altitudes. During World War II and under government contract, Laboratory staff expanded research to defense-related issues with volunteer soldiers from Fort Devens.

ISI Emerging Markets database

What’s in it?
It covers emerging market countries in Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Africa and the Middle East. News articles, company profiles, industry profiles, analyst reports, index market data, and legal information are available in this database. Information comes from leading publications and data sources in native languages and in English.

Who has access?
HU faculty, researchers, students, and authorized Harvard Library visitors.

Where is it?
Access through the database page on Baker’s Web site.

Research example:
Find an analysis of the media industry in India.

All databases are available to authorized users from the Baker Library Web Site.

Time to Rise

Standing to the side of the Class of 1959 Chapel sits a tall sculpture featuring a large golden sphere. The observant may notice that the ball moves up and down during the day. The even more observant may see horizontal lines etched across the glass face of the sculpture. But even fewer know the work is actually a clock-the ball is at the top of the chamber at noon, resting at the bottom at midnight. The etched lines call out the hours. Designed by Karl Schlamminger of Munich, “Time Piece” was installed in 1993.

Industrial Life Photo Collection

Visit our online exhibit highlighting HBS archive photos: The Human Factor.

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