Student Poll – Terrorism

US Campaign Against Terrorism

Do you approve or disapprove of the US campaign against terrorism?

46.8% Approve
46.8% Disapprove
6.4% Neither

Number of Poll Respondents: 62

Student Comments:
“The US campaign against terrorism has accomplished the opposite of its intended goal. The Middle East and Central Asia is more unstable than before and the world is unsafe for US citizens.”

“The idea is good. The execution could be better.”

“It could have been planned better. It is a worthy cause to fight terrorism and I’m behind it, but more thought should have gone into how the message is delivered and experienced by governments and people around the world.”

“I whole-heartedly agree with the US’s decision to go after terrorists. However, the way we go after terrorists worries me. Taking pre-emptive actions, such as with the situation in Iraq, can create diplomacy issues with the rest of the world.”

“I approve of the elimination of terrorists worldwide, but I do not approve of the U.S. losing lives to help establish democratic governments in countries that do want to sacrifice to help themselves (i.e. Iraq).”

“I do think terrorism needs to be fought, but I think the US used completely the wrong approach by invading Iraq. I think the key instead is education and eradicating poverty so that people do not turn to such extremism.”

“There was no clear link between Iraq and September 11. I feel the American public was misled. I think the arrogant stance the US has taken internationally and the questionable activities at Gitmo and other places have eroded our moral leadership world-wide.”

“I fear that the US approach is widening the gaps between various communities, making us less rather than more safe.”

“I’m concerned that the lack of unbiased media sources and the strong polarity of opinion about Bush has impacted people’s views on the war against terror.”

September 11, 2006
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