Step, Step, and Turn

I had long suspected that may of us here at HBS harbored dreams of greatness. In my section alone, we have the future president (maybe dictator?) of Mongolia-and that caused barely a ripple of surprise. So when Mike Walsh wrote his scintillating article on the HBS Fashion Show, I knew I was in for an adventure (and if you didn’t see him and his cohorts on the catwalk, you missed a spectacle indeed).

How can one condense an evening of such splendor into mere words? How can one encapsulate magnificence into a single column? Having never harbored dreams of fashion greatness beyond my own obsession with shoes, I realize that I am, in no way, up to the task. But, being at HBS, I will take a deep breath and tell myself that it’s almost like trying to comment on a case you didn’t really understand-very FIN2-ish.

From bathing suits to daywear to evening, the sartorially gifted RCs strutted their stuff down the runway. And the esteemed Mr. Walsh was correct: the week of preparation and coaching paid off.
Between the women’s sultry poses and the men’s smoldering looks (to borrow a phrase from last week’s edition), I was pretty much convinced that I was at a real, live fashion show. Granted, I’ve never been to a fashion show, and I am willing to bet all my HBS-induced debt that the masters of ceremonies don’t down a glass of Jack Daniels on the runway to start things off, if that’s a fashion show, then it’s quite alright with me.

So, in a brief rundown, here are my picks of the evening:

Alice in red-ay yi yi. Brigit in, really just about anything. Leila (go ‘Hoos!) probably had the best stare of them all, although she may have to fight Alice for the title. The ladies were fierce, as Tyra would say.

Serge enjoyed the walk to the end of the runway just a little too much-I think he may have missed his calling. Mike did his flowery, sheer shirt justice like no other. And Tunde.well, words simply cannot describe.

So, after champagne-induced hiccups, I decided that I had seen the real HBS-a room (and catwalk) full of gorgeous people wearing gorgeous clothes. And I have a list of dresses to look for next time the shopping bug hits.