Ruggers Slow High Scoring Seacoast, Tie 12-12

Boston, Massachusetts – An undefeated Seacoast came to win, but they were happy to escape with a 12-12 tie as the HBS Ruggers pushed them harder than any other team this season. The tough play of the HBS forwards, solid defense all around, and a fitter, faster team outplayed the Seacoast men. However, HBS was unable to take advantage of several opportunities and settled for a tie.

Seacoast entered the first half overly confident and with good reason. They were averaging 40 points a game, allowing only 10, and remained undefeated at 4-0. They were looking to run the table on their way to a championship season. However, the HBS team that lost their opener to the Wolfhounds had morphed over the span of six weeks. HBS was coming off a heartbreaking loss at the Wharton Tournament but had recently been playing incredibly well in the NERFU league outscoring opponents a combined 79-7 in their last two games. With twelve practices, ten matches, and two socials under their belt, the team appears to be jelling. They came out strong with solid forward play and inside running by Jeff “Gladiator” Todd (HLS), Craig “C Train” Canton (NJ), Neil “Guiness” Campbell (ND), and Owen Stockdale (OI). They wore down the front eight of the Seacoast squad. Navy boys “Mr. Clean” Carter Gaffney (NB) and Brian “Beast” Geary (NA) continually punished the defense until Al “Popeye” Rowe (ND) ran through a defender on his way to the games opening try. You could see disbelief and fear enter the eyes of the Seacoast squad. However, they bounced back several minutes later capitalizing on a lucky bounce to even the score at 7-7.

It appeared to be the turning point in the game for Seacoast. In the second half, the battle of field position greatly favored Seacoast. The HBS defense did not break as several HBS goal line stands kept them out of the try zone. What proved costly was the poor play on line outs and scrum downs. Seacoast repeatedly stole possessions and one of their centers finally scored making it 12-7. HBS came roaring back though and “Sir” Stephane Heuze (OB) kicked the ball deep into Seacoast territory before running under it for a score tying the game at 12-12.

To Seacoast’s credit, they had a very strong defensive backline. The back line was shut out for the first time this season and speedsters Liam Patrick (NC), Mark “Mr. Ed” Wayshak, and Brendan “Hansel” Whitworth (NJ) were unable to break away. However, their poor fitness really showed as the HBS forwards repeatedly punched through their line with tough inside running. With the tie, HBS is currently ranked 5th out of ten teams. Their final game is home against MIT on October 29 at 1:00 p.m. The Harvard Business School RFC wishes to thank team sponsor Anglo Irish Bank, APAX Partners, Tommy Doyle’s, Sierra Nevada, and Magners Original Irish Cider for their generosity and continued support.

October 23, 2006
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