Ride Shares Technology Added to myHBS

Do you want to share a cab to the airport? Do you need a ride to the grocery store? Well, look no further – ride shares is here to help. You can put in a request to commute just about anywhere, simply by accessing the ride shares portion of myHBS’ community classifieds.

How does one go about viewing or posting such a request? Simply go to, click on “View Postings” under the “HBS Community Classifieds” section (in the lower right frame of the screen), or simply go to: //
Once in the community classifieds, click on “Wanted” and then “Search ‘Wanted’ Ads.” To search through all of the ads, simply drag the “Classification” drop-down selector to “Ride Shares” (leave the remaining fields empty) and click on “Find.” If a ride share listing appeals to you, click on it and e-mail (or call) the person who posted it using the information in the “Contact Details” section.

If the ride you are looking for doesn’t already exist as a request, don’t worry. Simply create a new ride share posting in community classifieds by clicking on “Wanted” and then “Post a new ‘Wanted’ ad.” Fill in the “Item Name” field with an abbreviated description of the type of ride needed (e.g. cab to Logan on 3/23 @ 4pm) and drag the classification to “Ride Shares.” The “Item Description” is optional, but it may be helpful to others, so use discretion. Additionally, the optional “Address” and “Phone” fields may also be useful for viewers to contact you. For example, you may want to put an address or directions to your apartment so that others in the area will know where to meet you. Finally, simply fill in the “Contact Name” and “Contact E-mail” fields and click on “Preview your Classified.” If everything is correct, click on “Post/Update Your Classified” and you will be contacted via e-mail (or phone).

Finally, if you need help or have questions about creating a new listing, please contact your section’s Technology Representative. Tech Reps and the Technology Committee are here to help with all your technical needs, and if we don’t know we will act as a resource to point you in the right direction. If you would rather contact us with questions or suggestions via e-mail, send them to

Just remember: the more people use this service, the easier it is to find a ride (i.e. TOM’s network effects). So, don’t hesitate to use it!

March 1, 2006
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