Professor Perold Checks Charity at the First Tee

Following through on his generous donation to last year’s Section A Charity Auction, Professor Andr‚ Perold hosted the three winning bidders, OAs Lillian Kiang, Jeff Dinski and Tamin Pechet, for an 18-hole extravaganza at Pine Brook Country Club in Weston.

Professor Perold’s charity ended, however, as soon as the foursome hit the course and the wagering began.

Perold often tells his FIN-1 students, “If you don’t know who the patsy is, it’s you.” The Dinski-Pechet team must have had “patsy” written on their golf bags, as Perold dominated with his course knowledge, leaving his drives in attack position and using his hometown advantage to read greens that bewildered Dinski and Pechet like un-lever the beta problem sets.

Meanwhile, Perold’s partner, Kiang, taking a lesson from her first year TEM class on under-promising and over-delivering, sandbagged her handicap and won multiple holes for the Kiang-Perold team with clutch putting and a consistent swing.

Dinksi and Pechet spent the afternoon blaming each other for poor putting and questioning the legality of Professor Perold’s equipment, which includes a driver with a club-head the size of Luxembourg (see photo inset). Mike Myers, if he had been interviewed, would have called it “an orange on a toothpick.”

Pechet missed a golden opportunity when he tied Perold on a side-bet which, if Pechet had won, would have forced Perold to replace the word “Beta” with “Tamin” for an entire Fin-1 class. Pechet did find some redemption by beating Dinski in their side bet match. If you see Dinski in Spangler doing pushups in a three piece suit, you will know why.

A word of caution to this year’s RCs: A Perold golf outing may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but understand that you are leaving the cozy confines of HBS and entering the real world of golf course information asymmetry and equipment advantages.