Poll – EC Hell Week

1) How many companies did you interview with last week?
4 = Mean
0 = Minimum
13 = Maximum

2) What is your DING hit rate, i.e. if you interviewed with 10 companies and were dinged by 3, your Ding hit rate is 30%. Please estimate your hit rate if you are still awaiting final round invites or decisions.
37% = Mean
0% = Minimum
100% = Maximum

3) Please share you wackiest and wildest recruiting story from EC Hell Week.

“From last year but still good: I had an interview in a room in the Charles Hotel. Mid-way through the interview, the interviewer asked me a question, and as soon as I began answering he got up to use the bathroom. He left the door to the bathroom open. I kept talking while he used the bathroom.”

“Meeting my ex-girlfriend as one of the recruiting officers…it was really tough, more when you consider she went to sexual reassignment surgery and is now a he!”

“I was asked by an investment banker to sell him a bottle of Poland Spring.”

“I learned too late that Baker Hall is not in Baker Library.”

“I was answering a ‘so tell me about a time when…’ question, and clearly hadn’t thought through my response. The interviewer stopped me and said ‘Wait, I don’t really see how this fits.’ My response: ‘Yeah, you’re right-it doesn’t. Let me tell you about another time.’ I obviously got the ding.”

“A banking interviewer was 20 minutes late to our meeting, hiding in the room eating lunch, but you could obviously hear him. After the interview finally started, he was being a complete a$$. So I decided to throw it back in his face (really, we duked it out). I ended up getting an offer.”

“I told a hedge fund interviewer that my old man was a pro gambler and we spent the rest of the interview talking about bookmakers rather than stock tips.”

“The recruiter repeatedly said ‘You really look like Tom Cruise, really!!!’ After the third time I jumped up on my chair and shouted ‘Well Oprah, I just can’t help myself, I’m in love.’ I then proceeded to ramble about the dangers of using paxcil.”

“For an investment management program, I was interviewed by a guy from the IT group (yes, as in the guy who chooses the software) because, as he said, he knows the personalities of the different groups they’re hiring for better than HR. Um, yeah.”

“One case interviewer pulled out a 6 variable regression for me to analyze.”

“I got dinged by the same company twice. First, they told me that they do not want to interview me, even though I got interviews from all the major competitors I applied to, then they reconsidered and stated that they were very excited to talk to me, then of course they dinged me again.”