MBA IT To the Rescue

Picture this scenario. You have a flight to catch in one hour. Next week is Hell Week and you have materials to print from the online Vault Guide to prepare for your banking interview. You quickly jog to the printer in Spangler, swipe your ID card and press print. Wait a second. What is this? An error message? The printer will not deliver your materials. Time is ticking. Only 45 minutes until your flight. You must have this information to read during the trip. Then suddenly, it hits you: MBA IT Support Services. You sprint down the basement corridor and beg for mercy, “Please solve my printing issues!”

This is a humorous but true depiction of what happened to me Friday, February 3. I would like to personally thank MBA IT Support Services for assisting me that afternoon, particularly Petronella Marshall. Ms. Marshall took the time to solve my printing problem, which wasn’t simple. And in some way, I have her to thank for the job offer I landed after ample preparation for my interview during the flight.

-A Grateful HBSer