Long Live Priscilla

Super-sexy, ultra-scandalous, utterly outrageous, wholly irrational, brain boggling, 100% entertaining and deservedly notorious-Priscilla lived up to every RC expectation.

RC women now harbor a new found respect for the men of HBS. We were proud of the sublime and attractive woman lurking under the core of every Priscilla man. After seeing your chivalrous and gentler side for two months, the notoriety was a welcome relief! You flaunted your six packs, you braved the cold and radiated in your undisguised femininity. It is amazing how well your Shakira/ Beyonce booties shook in those skirts! Some of the guys were so convincing that men actually started mistaking them for women and started hitting on them. If that is not the sign of a successful drag queen what is?

While the safety seekers found comfort in greasy hotdogs, popcorn and yet more carrots/bell peppers and hummus, the hard cores went in for a healthy ROI on the $113 Priscilla investment. Per my calculation, I needed to consume eleven drinks to get my moneys worth. I managed only six drinks but I certainly got more than I expected.

I counted 20 pairs of abandoned red sleazy PVC heels on the dance floor. I witnessed freshly blossoming section love. I relished the informal wet T-shirt competition and the lone Egyptian belly dancer strutting her stuff. Hurray to the 38FF contestants who achieved more perky assets than many renowned plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills!

However, there is a downside. HBS ladies also nurture a new found fear of the men at HBS. How do we compete with you “style mistresses?” Your thongs were color coordinated with your stockings. Even genuine ladies of HBS are not that careful and synchronized in our dressing patterns. Your selection of bras was admirable, the selection of stockings even more so. You tried everything from French lace to orange fishnets. One of my adventurous male sectionmates even wore a pink thong to create a more realistic and wholesome Priscilla effect.

What surprised the courageous (or na’ve) attendees was the absence of many of the non-attendees. Was it the $113 ticket label, shortage of Priscilla Ticket pool, a natural tendency to steer clear from hype and controversy or just your shy nature? I met three guys who refused to wear skirts as they feared their photos would splash in the New York Times 20 years later when they expect to stand for President of the U.S./Governor of Texas. But in the (supposedly) metro sexual, “I am who I am” environment of today, was not Priscilla just a way of not taking yourself too seriously and saying “Yes, I can laugh at myself?”

Anyway, be it brides, prostitutes, devils, angels, cheerleaders, catholic school girls, Sari clad Indian grannies-you guys oozed oomph! Well done, HBS guys. HBS women loved you and are proud of you. You may find your sectionmates sneer at you for no apparent reason this week (and till your 25 reunion) but there is only one way to do Priscilla-full throttle!! It is that pink thong that we will remember for years to come. Priscilla reiterated that I made the right decision to come to HBS. Long Live Priscilla!!