Letter From The Dean

Though I have been at HBS for awhile, first as a student, then as a faculty member, and now as dean, I still feel a tremendous sense of anticipation and excitement when the School returns to its full level of activity each September. It’s a great time to be on campus.

This year we greet the MBA Class of 2008, which will graduate as the School celebrates its centennial. In 1908 we launched a brand new program that was described by a future Harvard University president as “a delicate experiment”-the first program in the world to offer the MBA degree. We have come a long way since then, with 66,000 alumni around the globe in leadership positions in virtually every industry and every sector of the economy.

This is an extraordinary place, with a student body, faculty, and staff second to none. For those of you beginning the RC this fall, I urge you to focus first and foremost on the classroom. Get to know your fellow students, reach out to your teachers, and make the most of the unique learning model at HBS. Enrich your experience through participation in club activities or by attending one of the many speaker events on campus or across the river. And above all, don’t forget to find time for yourself – whether in the gym or just relaxing with friends and family.

For the members of the Class of 2007, this year provides a chance to explore more deeply not only subjects you already know something about, but also those you may not have considered before coming to HBS. Both in the classroom and beyond, the EC provides an opportunity to expand your horizons and prepare yourself as broadly as possible for the jobs and careers that lie before you. As a recent graduate succinctly put it, you are making an investment now that will last a lifetime.

Again, welcome (back) to Soldiers Field.ÿI look forward to seeing you around campus.